Couple Q's about H2O pumps

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by DT4, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. So I've started working with hydro which means I need a lot of water, and I'll have a lot of waste water to get rid of. I'm working all indoors, and there is no water source in my grow room. What do folks use to move around large quanties of water easily? Right now I have an aquarium cleaning tube that hooks up to my sink, but it uses running tap water to create a vacuum and since my larger reservoirs are always on the floor, I can't really rely on gravity. I'd also like to be able to pump longer distances, for example, I'd like to use my waste nute water to fertilize the bushes in my yard or something (is this ok or is the water too depleted and unbalanced after a weekly ebb and flow cycle?) so I'm looking for something that could move water up to 50 feet or more with some decent pressure, and something that has both an intake and outflow hose so I don't need to submerge the pump in the reservoir. Any recommendations?

    I'm also thinking of collecting rainwater in multiple barrels. Is there another pump that would be good for pulling water from multiple sources into one container for use or spraying?
  2. Use a small fountain pump, lots of us have those laying around. Just hook it up to some small tubing and plug it in! Drain your res or fill it back up!
  3. What pump are you using for your ebb and flow system? I have added quick connect fittings to the sump pumps I use in the res's for feeding and just connect a hose for emptying them.

    I always use my discarded res solution on yard very well

    I read somewhere NOT to use rainwater but not sure why not
  4. The pump I'm using in my res is a submersible aquarium pump. If I go to home depot or a pond supply store, they should have the non-submersible type I'm looking for? Is there a certain size you would recommend for my application?
  5. The quick connect idea would work, but I don't really like messing with the submersible pump once it's in place. Those little suction cup things don't hold it in place well so I just leave it alone. I need the extra pump for moving other water around anyways, but thanks for the idea..

    Would you use discarded nute solution on edible veggies or just plants and bushes? I'm planning to have an outdoor veggie garden this year too and my soil mix usually works well, so I don't want to over fertilize.

    I have only heard good things about rainwater so far - it's naturally filtered, low in mineral ppm and FREE! I'm open to hear any cons?

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