Couple Poems

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  1. Monday Morning

    the mind wanders
    thoughts, knee high in shit
    surrounded by the healthy and young
    it is here i sit
    high above the clouds
    stinging in my arm
    returns me to the ground
    the puncture in my vein
    oh, the lovely tragical gains
    a man on the rise
    seeking nothing but surprise
    or a child with a death wish
    warnings to heed
    the same i choose to dismiss
    never forget
    the things ive traded
    for a life of solitude
    heavily faded
    out the window
    I catch a glimpse of innocence
    disguised in the grey
    I long for the past
    regardless of the false bravados
    i hide beneath everyday
    hollow happiness in the simplest things
    a moment of lust, lovely sunrise
    innocence in my peers eyes
    the dark depression in my soul
    escapes in my gaze
    leaking, loathing, and sold
    i see the child of myself plated in gold
    now dingy steel
    tarnished and cold.
  2. post a couple more when i get outta work later..any comments or criticism lemme know.
  3. Was that figurative or did you actually see something innocent outside your window?

    Nice ending. I could relate to a lot of it, which makes it all the better.

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