Couple of questions for an outdoor grow

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    I am considering doing an outdoor grow and need some help deciding a couple things.

    My house has a forest in the back (not very deep, about 20-30 feet of very dense bamboo separating me and my neighbor). Would it be better to grow there as I would be able to water and monitor them quite easily or do a gorrilla grow somewhere else?
    I am currently thinking of digging a hole behind some bamboo (it would still get plenty of light as long as it is under 5 feet) and placing the pot in the hole to make it even shorter.

    Also, by any chance if the crop happens to get found (not once in 15 years has a cop come by), but just in case, could they charge me even if I leave no traces leading back to me?

    Also, just to be more safe, I am thinking of doing some lowlife strands due to the 10 week seed to harvest time. Do you think this would be better since there is a smaller window of time?

    I am more concerned with safety than with yield. A yield of about 3 ounces would make me a happy camper :smoke:


    Also, how far would you say the smell would travel? And any suggestions on what strains to get, or just do a bagseed grow?
  2. Well,

    This operation is semi-complex. Do you live on your own or with parents?

    Second, I suppose it would be fine to grow near bamboo for whatever security reasons, but I am thinking that bamboo growing indicates the ground may be too wet. I am not sure of this though, I am no mast of bamboo.

    What I am sure of though is that if you dig more than a foot and half into the ground and you start hitting a water table, that is not going to work. No amount of sand or clay is going to fix that.

    Would you consider your backyard any amount of a marsh?

    Third, I would not be worried about police as you describe. Unless you tell someone or feel heat from the neighbors near by, there is no reason the police will ever be visiting.

    Growing in bamboo is not going to be easy to see from over head and it does not sound like a big production you are looking for anyway.

    Lastly, I am not sure exactly in the world you are located so I can't recommend for sure but if you want shorter flowering times you are going to look for a strain of pot that is "Indica" dominant. They grow shorter and flower faster, which is what you are looking for.

    There should not be an issue with the smell. In open air, you won't smell it until pretty late flowering and only if you are within 15 feet or so and purposefully are trying to smell it.
  3. How is your relationship with your neighbor? Do you ever talk to him or wave to him even? If not then there is really no reason he would be coming onto your land or even looking over. I would say grow them right in your back yard where you can maintain them better.. only as long as it is safe though. you want to be able to water them and check them frequently. the longer you spend with your plants the better they will be.
  4. I say don't grow in your back yard if neighbours can see it. Take the risk of being ripped but do it outside. (what I do). Start them at home and take them out. On,ce you know how much water they need every week (2 gallons per week per plant approx.), it's no problem. Find a water source nearby.
  5. Thanks, not really worried about my neighbor since they rarely ever come out and they definitely would not know what cannabis looks like.

    I am located in New Jersey, so when would you say the earliest is I can plant some autoflowering strains?

    Also, my backyard is in no way marsh-like, it just happens that there is a bamboo forest. However, the forest is a yellow light green shade, so are there any strains that would help blend in?

    Thanks again!
  6. The bamboo would be awesome for stealth or guerilla growing. It doesn't leave a trail when you go thru it and it would be very difficult to spot from above. But, when you grow that close to your home, there is always a certain degree of risk. All it would take is a neighbor or frequent visitor to say they saw you in that area multiple times, and the burden of proof is now on you. Not a scare tactic, just something to think about. You have a better than average location, the rest is up to you and your comfort level.
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    Weed has a nice jungle green color, not yellow. It will stick out if it's not with other different greens or the same type of green.
  8. bump....any say on how early I can get some auroflowerers going? It would be nice if I can get two runs in (10 weeks each).
  9. I think you will find that the burden of proof is ALWAYS on the cops. They have to PROVE the grow is yours, beyond a reasonable doubt.

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