couple o questions if u got time

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by {CT} PotMacGyve, Nov 2, 2003.

  1. Sup... aight straight to it

    one, when u switch to 12/12 how much more groath can be expected cause i herd something like it grows to 3 times the current size at switch like its onla a third of what it will be when u switch...

    two, germinating seeds in rockwool cubes.. theres so many things ive read about this mess and i havent got a clue now so if someone could clear this fogg in ma head id be much appricieate of the help

    three, um... i forgot, sry
  2. How much growth will primarily depend on the strain you are growing....sativa or indica but generally you can let 'em grow to suit your grow room within reason but allow for them to grow AT LEAST 3 times the size they were when you changed to 12/12...allowing for the fact that a plant has to be about 12 inches tall before going into flower...making the mature plant around 3-4 feet for the idea i'm a dirt man later GM
  3. Everything I have read says the plant will about double. I went 12/12 three weeks ago and my plants have added about 6" of growth. I expect 3' tall plants when finished.

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