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  1. I like it.

    Yep. I said it.


    I know this will probably add fuel to the fire of hatred that burns within 99% of the blades on this forum, but I've been planning on making this thread for quite some time. I just think the one-percenters among us are too afraid to chime in.

    I was introduced to country about a few years ago when I first heard it in my Aunt's car constantly. Being used to a continuous dose of Oldies when she raised me as a young lad, this was both a welcome change and a frightful one. I was always one to chime in and say that I hated country without a second's thought, but it wasn't until I actually had a chance to dig through the collection of artists and singers the local stations were planning to find out that there were a few songs I liked.

    A year or so after that, some time in 2008, a good friend of mine who is a born and raised Cowboy started playing more and more country music when I was around him until that was all we listened to around each other.

    Alan Jackson was one of the first to grow on me, followed swiftly by Chris LeDoux, Jamie Johnson (a more recent artist), The Zac Brown Band, Brad Paisley and quite a few others.

    I figure I'll use this thread to post occasional music videos that come across my path. I'm pretty sure if you give them a chance, you'll end up liking at least one of them. If not, then you're free to flame me as much as you'd like.

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  2. Zac Brown Band - Chicken Fried

    The actual music video has been removed from Youtube due to Copyright Infringement, but this one contains the whole track regardless.

    [ame=""]YouTube - Chicken fried[/ame]

    Charlie Daniels - Long Haired Country Boy

    [ame=""]YouTube - Charlie Daniels - Late 70's - Long Haired Country Boy[/ame]

    Chris LeDoux - This Cowboy's Hat


    David Allan Coe - Willie, Waylon and Me

    [ame=""]YouTube - Willie Waylon and Me[/ame]

    Willie Nelson - I Never Cared For You

    [ame=""]YouTube - Willie Nelson - I Never Cared For You: Long Version[/ame]

    Alan Jackson - Country Boy

    [ame=""]YouTube - Alan Jackson - Country Boy[/ame]

    Jamie Johnson - That Lonesome Song

    [ame=""]YouTube - That Lonesome Song[/ame]

  3. Thats a bad ass move! I like some country, the kind I don't like is the "I got drunk and lost my woman again, so she stole my truck" shit because that gets old.

    - Some country is alright though.
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    Yeah, you don't hear that nearly as much as you would have in the old days.

    These days it seems to be more prideful, but I've noticed that the more people I meet that listen to country and only country, the more I see that are pretty egotistical. For instance, a friend of mine damn near refuses to even set foot in my car unless one of the country stations is on or there is no music playing at all. He gets into arguments with everybody about it too, nearly starting a fist fight with my buddy Chris for playing a Queen song in the car on our way back from a camping trip and barring him from ever going into the woods with him again.

    It gets pretty strange, sometimes...

  5. I love country music.
    Toby keith is my favorite country singer.

    awesome song.
    [ame=""]YouTube - Toby Keith - God Love Her[/ame]
  6. I've been hearing that one a lot lately.

    Yeah, I forgot to mention Toby on my list. Beer For My Horses, How Do You Like Me Now and As Good As I Once Was are on my top list.

  7. Montgomery Gentry - What Do You Think About That? (One of my all time favorites :D )

    [ame=""]YouTube - Montgomery Gentry - What Do Ya Think About That[/ame]
  8. ew gross its country. my old work played it all the time and that was part of the main reason why i quit. it makes my ears bleed :(
  9. I used to be the same way. It sort of grew on me, if you will. I know, I'm a failure as a human being.

    :eek: :p
  10. The Nashville sound is WHY people hate country

    Here's some country you can get up and go to school with

    [ame=""]YouTube - HANK WILLIAMS III - Trashville[/ame]
  11. Sky Dog said it, but Hank Williams is the SHIT. Country music is great, sadly it's another casualty to people making up their already narrow minds without really listening.
  12. i hope that day never comes for me. oh please i really hope it never comes lmao.

    PS, i'm eating garlic and herb cream cheese with my finger right now... i just felt like you deserved to know, rofl.
  13. I want to kill anything that has to do with country music. Everyone in my town are hillbilies and I listen to that shit in every fckng store, car ride or just chilling with any friends they put that stupid lyric crap on! "baby your a song you make me wanna roll my windows down" what does that even mean!? If I have to listen to that regurgitated crap or that other song that goes "shake it for me" song ever again I will literally throw myself out of the car its playing in. I've become so angry at it I want to punch who ever plays it in the face and make them cry while they are singing along to the corny lyrics that are all the same. Then I feel bad because its not their fault but it ticks me off how brainwashed they are to follow the heard! Same with people who watch hockey! montreal Toronto boston WHO CARES! they all suck and its the same crap every year!!! Everybody only watches it because they want to be included and they don't even like it deep down!
    I'll take elvis, beatles, doors, stones & football, baseball, boxing, ufc anyday over that crap!
    lol sorry yALL!
    Growing up in the country on the farm sticks with you. I love country music, just not while I'm smoking!
  16. Saw alan jackson in june going to gorge strait in april!!!
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    I hope trend of pop country bands like Florida Georgia Line dies slow. You shouldn't hate on country, you should just dig a little deeper.
    Three great stoner country songs are Wildwood weed, joint - Eric Church, and Long Haired Country Boy
    Some people to steer you in the right direction are George Strait, Hank, Hank Jr, Hank III, Merle Haggard, Charlie Daniels Band, Alan Jackson, Alabama, Eric Church, Garth Brooks, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash, and Rodney Atkins.
  19. you guys need to dig deeper than the god awful country they play on the radio theres actually country musicians out there

  20. The newer country (Sam Hunt, Luke Bryan, Florida Georgia Line) is crap. I love listening to the older country such as Hank Jr, Waylon, Willie, and anything country from 1950 to 2005. George Strait's my favorite though.

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