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Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by jroddd, Aug 9, 2008.

  1. Great thing to do high when at house with nothing else to do... I think soo, do it all the time.

    Anyone else agree that pwning some scrubs on CSS is very enjoyable?
  2. dude u dont even kno when i get my computer fixed (im on my dads right now) i will totaly play wid u that shit is so fun when blazed its just like BOOM!!! headshot! :smoking:
  3. add thebigbird35 im terrible!
  4. I just love FPS when im high period. CSS is a great game but i think i would have to stick with Call of Duty 4
  5. im on zombie mod all day. reload ftw.
    cs 1.6 is better for reg play.
  6. CoD4 when high as hard as fuck... I just stick to Guitar Hero
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  8. I would enjoy the herb by playing Counter-Strike source, if my computer would run it decently. 20 FPS tends to get a little frustrating.
  9. My computer can run Source, but not smoothly.

    I play 1.6 all the time though.
  10. 1.6 looks and plays nicer imo.
  11. You think it looks nicer? Are you using default skins?
  12. haha i always paly css when im high and at home! you may recogonize some of my names:
    I Shit Skeet
    anyways, add me if you wanna pwn noobs..add mitttttch
  13. Where in jersey are you from?

    I had and played CZ before 1.6, so I never saw the 1.6 models. When I went to my friend's house and played I was so confused
  14. u need to try playing zombie mod baked... its so fun... very entertaining...

    im usually in a zombie mod server called "PANTLESS (RELOAD)"
    my name is crack fiend.... come join that server one day and well play baked together
  15. Didnt expect to get this much of a response... I used to play 1.6 but the graphics are horrendous because it from like 1901... i think source is more fun though...
  16. Play rainbow six vegas 2 it feels like ur in the game:smoking:
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    CSS is the shit. Theres a type of game where you can surf, hard to explain but its fucking fun high
  18. I'm making a 1.6 thread and maybe try to get a bunch of people playing

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