Counter Strike: GO Announced!!!!!

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  1. looks like itll be a console port
  2. Fucking yes.
  3. Wow, I didn't think there was ever going to be a new CSS game.

    I hope they make it so you can still play surf_ maps, because surfing on skill based surf maps is pretty much the only thing I do in CSS, I hate normal bomb/defuse maps.

    Anyone hear anything about Surf or MiniGame maps?
  4. The game is focused on 5v5 competitive play. In other words, this game could take a nasty turn for the worse for those who are very unskilled in the game. (this is everyone if you haven't been playing cs for 5+ years.

    My guess is the game turns out like cs:s with hats.

    Also... console port.... HAHAHAHA funny. There goes the competitive part of the game.
  5. omg this settles it. new pc for me.
  6. Scumbag Valve.

    Canadians complain about HL3.

    Announce CCS.
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    Yeah all I do is play on bhop, surf, minigames, or deathrun servers. If I actually play a normal map I'm like wtf is this and do horrible because everyone in that server is either pro or aimbotting.
  8. I'm sure there will be. Counter Strike 1.6 and Source never originally had surf maps, but the community later implemented them in the game. Pretty much the only maps that come with CS are de_ and cs_ maps.

    And yes I'm pretty bummed about it being a console port, but it's Valve, so I really do have faith in them. It just pisses me off because all the people I tried to get into counter strike will play this on their xbox and claim they are "god" or how it's the best game ever, when they never originally played counter strike.

    I guess that makes me a hipster :( lol
  9. Sorry for the double post, but please tell me you found this on reddit :) :wave:

  10. I feel the same way. Sometimes I will be playing with my friends on xbox or something then I'll say I'm going to play cs, they will say that game is so gay and stuff like that. Now when this comes out they'll, like you said, think it's the best game ever. But if they let console and pc players play together, but also have to option to play with people on pc only, I will orgasm 100x instantly. Because pc players will win every time against console players. But that probably won't happen because of that. And did anybody else notice that black ops copied cs? They used so many weapons that were in cs, I know that any game can use any gun they want but still. And the gametypes like gun game. I know these things can be used in any game, but I still feel they were copied in black ops.
  11. Glad someone agrees.

    Anyone else loling at the image they get in their head of console players using a controller to play counter strike?
  12. Not crazy about this release

  13. Yeah, they can have fun trying to bhop.
  14. its not "pc gamerz will beat console gamerz" its "mouse and keyboard is easier to use than a gamepad"
  15. Lol @ the fact you think they copied the guns. The game isn't even set in the same time era as CS. also, Protip: Every shooting game has the same guns, with a few different shitty ones that noone uses.

    Also dude above me is right.

    I play both console and pc and I am good on both, but just no way you can compare mouse to joystick.
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    You can compare them when you have both playing against each other. Microsoft actually tested this and of gamers beat controllers most of the time.
  17. most of the time, meaning 99.9% of the time.
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    I don't even know if it said that. I read it awhile ago so I didn't want to say every time and then have someone say no it was blablabla.

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