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  1. Anyone play this game. Add me I am really good and have a mic.usually always on so you can post account info .
  2. Never got into it. I played 1.6 and CS:S casually and it never gripped me. I thought about getting GO but I heard mixed reviews from the CS community. I can't get over that people pay hundreds of dollars for in-game knives and stat tracking weapons.
  3. yeah, it can be pretty fun. the weapon buying thing is actually a new update, it's not invasive to the gameplay though which is pretty much what you would expect from a sequel to source. if you've played 1.6 and source it's pretty much same old same old with better textures and graphics. some of the physics are more realistic too.
    it satisfies my FPS itch as I don't play FPS much
  4. I suck at this game. Sometimes there are people who snipe me when I barely spawn (dust2) or sometimes I get really lucky and go on a killing streak, and dominate.
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    add goodguy500 and il play with yah! (legendery eagle)

    The vikings are coming!
    that sucks, I know exactly what you mean
    especially when you're playing as terrorist and it turns into an AWP camping match, trying to get everyone fucking rushing to a bomb site but instead they stay in spawn and get in each other's way trying to snipe through the doors
  7. CSS was my shit, but not bc of the fps aspect.  I was terrible at the office and all that nonsense, but some zombies or jailbreak was always some good fun.  Never picked up GO,it is nearly entirely based on the more serious aspect?
  8. there are community servers with zombies, WCS and all those other modes

    The vikings are coming!
  9. I've been busting my balls on csgo this week add me up. Whoresscores7yursago

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