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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Sombra, Sep 22, 2009.

  1. I really wanna start growing my own plants for personal use and can make my own homemade hydro growing set up. only thing stopping me is my work schedule, I can be called in at anytime or not at all without notice. I know i could just get a lamp and set a timer on it but i also live wit my parents and sister in a 2 bedroom house and theres no wer else to put it besides outside or in my sisters closet (stil not good). i can put it in the window but theres a chance someone will see it (like my mom).

    Sorry i know that was long but anyone know a way i could grow under these circumstances and get away wit it laughin in their faces wit that smoke coming out with each "HA" :p
  2. have an old dog house?

  3. shit forgot about when they get big...youd have to dig a big hole in the ground and place dog house over, see also Tennessee Pot Cave.

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  4. Genius, but i have a really small yard. Plus no shovel. and theres always the chance that the sprinklers will flood the plant. I think i'll risk it and grow it as carefully as possible. Keeping it outside in a pot til after it's obviously a bud plant then i'll move it in and trim the leaves a bit so it looks like something else. Harvest will probably suffer.

    It kinda just hit me. No one cares in my house that i smoke as long as i'm not doin it inside. maybe a plant (inside) wouldn't bother her. whats the worst she can do? kill it. I asked the guy that gave me the seeds he said they're short so it won't grow huge but the 4 month waiting kinda sucks.

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