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  1. I got two strands going Kalichakra and Skunk.

    I think I am having some problems and looking for some second opinions.

    Its 400w HPS cooled, temps over all can not be an issue. The space is kept around 75, with a max directly under the light 80. The light was 6 inches from the SKUNK, I have backed it off to 8-10 inches just now. I tested the PH w/ drops and constantly get just under 7. I just watered both yesterday, clean water. Both have received nutrients FF every other feeding. The Kali at 1/4 strength and Skunk are at 1/2 strength. Promix soil no nutrients for the most part.

    Day one was the germinated seed in the pot, these are all 21 days old. 3 Kali seeds from the same pack started poorly the last grow and ended male. The Skunk look and act pretty much the same as always, quick to get bushy w/ tons of nodes.

    I have some yellowing at the lower parts as you can see.. One middle Skunk had some dried out lower fan leaves.


    My diagnostic is over watered, these are new pots slightly larger than what I normally start in. And I think the yellow is telling me to step of the nutrients a bit in each. I am thinking of letting em go really dry, flushing each, and feeding.

    Thoughts ?

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  2. I agree, you are on the right track. Not a serious problem yet, can't go wrong with a flush and milder nutes.
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    Normally on this day the plants have taken over the pots but I still feel we have a week to get there.

    I want to INCREASE the nutrients to full strength for the SKUNK and 1/2 doses for the laggers.

    Im still convinced flushing is best, it will happen at different times since the SKUNK will be dried out in 2 more days MAX...

    The Kali were free seeds and my wife keeps saying you get what you paid for :/
  4. Yeah just looks like they got a bit too wet to me

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