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  1. So here's the story. I'm riding with two of my buddies and a cop pulls us over. He says that my buddy crossed the solid double yellow lines on the road before he turned and thought we might be UTI or something. So he takes everyone's ID and goes back to his ride to do what he does. I have my bowl in the center console of the car because one of my buddies wanted to borrow it.
    Then, a K-9 unit rolls up out of nowhere and we start to freak. The cop takes us out one by one to pat us down and whatnot and he's making idle chit chat. Then, they let the dog sniff around the car. Apparently, the dog signaled so they searched and found the bowl.
    They ask us all about it and me and the driver both say we don't know about it. So they put me in cuffs and say I'm under arrest for poss. of paraphernalia:)confused:). They only did this to me, which I don't know why. Probably because I had another charge of poss. of para. on my record from a few months ago.
    Anywho, they put me in the cruiser and I guess they questioned my other buddy who told them that it was mine and that he would testify that in court.:mad:
    But while this was happening, the cop kept coming back to ask me who the bowl belonged too and stuff and I just kept quiet. Then he asked me again and I asked if I was under arrest and he said yeah. So I told him I'm not saying shit without my lawyer. They take me to the station, blah blah blah, court date April 10th.
    Also, I found out later that my buddy who shit himself and confessed everything said that there might be something in the car when the cops pulled him out to search him.

    So here's where I need some input. What am I looking at here? I live in Illinois and I previously was arrested for the same thing in October. I was put on court supervision for 18 months but now this shit happened so I don't know what to expect. I'm in the process of getting legal representation but I needed to get a job first so I could pay. Thankfully, I've gotten one so I'll be getting that done. So has anyone ever been in a similar situation as this before? Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. damn that sucks man...I can't help you as far as sentencing, no clue what its like in your state..

    I'm going to be so fucking careful when I get back to the states, jeez.. the fact that they turn normal people who enjoy a drug just like people who drink enjoy alcohol into criminals is just fucking ridiculous. Proffessionals who have gone very far in life smoke weed, everyone fucking smokes weed now a days just fucking drop it for fucks sake.
  3. did your friend actually shit himself? that sucks bro...
  4. Yeah man it's pretty ridiculous. Like, I could see them pulling us over if we were actually putting people's lives in danger or something but 1. There was no one else even on the road and 2. I'm not even sure that the driver did what the cop said cause he didn't even write him a ticket.
  5. Lol no he didn't really but he might as well have. He's the typical wigger type kid who thinks he is the shit because he dresses like and listens to Mac Miller but then gets piss scared when the cops are around. Needless to say, I don't associate with the guy anymore.
  6. 18 month supervised probation for parphanelia in illnois..

    Sounds like another state I need to add to my I don't want nothing to do with list.

    hanging with stupid/poorly trained people comes back to bite ya so dont do it.
  7. dude that kids gay as hell

    you might have a short lil time in county prolly not more then a week so your good unless they extend your probation
  8. This is precisely why I stay in the northwestern Mass/VT area.

    Not that the cops are particularly chill here, they can be dicks but the courts usually throw out minor weed related shit and issue fines and such.

    Supposedly one of the judges wont even look at possession cases that are under an eighth.
  9. You could try to be a little more responsible. You already got busted once, why keep making the same mistake? Seems kinda silly to me...

  10. Trust me, it's not a matter of responsibility. The first time I got busted was when I was staying at my brother's apartment. The cops raided the apartment because my brother's roommate was selling weed/coke/shrooms. They found my bong and I got popped. Second time was because of some nonsense about driving over a line on the road. So yeah, not really a matter of responsibility. But thanks anyway for your input. :D

  11. Yo what town u from? I used to live in greenfield just moved to bernardston
  12. Well if you got busted once, why would you still smoke and drive? If I ever get the fuzz on my case, I'm going to be done for a while and probably not take any risks. Just my $.02 :wave:

  13. Haha I get what you mean man, really. But I wasn't even high or driving. I was letting a friend borrow a bowl. My two buddies came and visited me and he was gonna take it home. But yeah, I haven't smoke real bud since I got popped back in October. I just happened to be in the wrong place, wrong time, and with the wrong objects and a wrong person. Haha but yeah, when you get down to the brass tacks, it was my fault.

  14. SoVT is the shit. i lived at Mt Snow for a few years.

    In MA its 100$ fine bu they dont even waste the ink or paper anymore on it.

    The DA told me to Smoke it if ya got it. To which i replied "thats precisely what i was doing"
  15. Bumpity bump.

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