Could the Next President put this all in reverse?

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    What if the Next President HATES Marijuana Legalization?
    I mean look at the candidates right now:
    The two Democrats are a Conspiracy Theorist and a Football Coach. 
    The Republican Candidates include A Florida Political organizer, and WAIT FOR IT....
    An Alabama "Prohibition Party Nominee", but born and raised in West Virginia. 
    This possible Candidate, Fellure, Is well known for promoting and attending gatherings of this political party, that supports the prohibition of alcohol.  He supports and STILL THINKS ALCOHOL SHOULD BE PROHIBITED.
    He garnered attention for himself as a Nominee by attending ALABAMA'S PROHIBITION PARTY 2012 (Where apparently everyone loved him). 
    Nails on a chalkboard. 
    Now I know actual Candidates can change all over the place and could be completely different come Voting Time. 
    But this makes me think, What If?
    I don't know much about politics,
    But could the next president have the power/desire to throw legalization in reverse?
    (despite what voters want)

  2. When was the last Prohibitionist in office?I don't think it will happen with current opinion going the way it is. It would take a big movement to undo all of this progress. But hey, Nixon was able to do this with propaganda and no research.This is why we need scientists in office, not lawyers. Scientists are trained to be objective and unbiased. Lawyers are trained to win at any cost through manipulation and lying. I think Obama probably wants to legalize but is too scared. Whichever POTUS endorses MJ legalization, will forever be remembered as "The president who legalized marijuana." Believe it or not, there are a lot of politicians who don't want that. Besides, the presidency goes to the deepest pockets anyway. I always vote Libertarian, but the party will never be eligible for federal funding until it pulls 5% of the popular vote in a campaign. We've never come close. But, America would become a tripartisan system and things would get interesting.If a Prohibitionist makes it into the White House, I'm going to have to start working on my Canadian citizenship. I just hate the cold so much!Sent from my gynecology office run out of my garage using Grasscity Forum.
  3. Simple answer: NO.
    Desire to reverse? Perhaps.
    Power to reverse? People tend to overestimate the power of the President.
  4. Hahahaha.

    That PPN nominee will never never ever win.

    People love their booze too much to actually get him in office.
  5. Just because he cant make the states change the laws doesn't mean he can direct every federal agency to raid every dispensary and order federal prosecutors to indict every governor.
  6. I like how you didnt include Terry Jones, the independent canditate, who was also the mastermind behind burn a Quran day.

    I mean I know why you didnt (an INDEPEDENT?!!! Running MY America? Oh the humanity *faints*) but it still woulda been funny.

    Also, those 4 candidates, are absolutely not going to be the nominees, they arent rich enough, or affiliated with right bankers enough.
  7. I'll smoke to that!
  8. Rock the vote. Know who you're voting for.
  9. Rational ignorance is the option of an agent not to acquire or process information about some realm. Ordinarily used to describe a citizen's choice not to pay attention to political issues or information, because paying attention has costs in time and effort, and the effect a citizen would have by voting per se is usually zero.
    Dont rock the vote. Dont rock the vote, baby
  10. none of those candidates have even the slightest chance of becoming the nominee for their party. 
  11. If anything, we need a Libertarian in office to loosen the reigns of government a bit. The majority of Americans have grown too dependent on the government over the generations. Our forefathers are dry heaving in the afterlife right now.Sent from my gynecology office run out of my garage using Grasscity Forum.
  12. I actually had a talk with a friend about this today. 1) the president doesnt have that much power, everything he says and does needs the approval of Congress. The government is there to work for the people, and we vote for our members of congress to represent us. Plus, a great portion of America wants pot legalized! It wouldnt be in the best interest of a president to go against the will of his country.
  13. Well Obama has a real chance to start the movement in the executive office and at least open the door to a 2016 canidate who can do real change if he won't. If the initiatives go the direction we want in 2014 they will further the momentum, the 2016 election wont stop it
  14. It's to bad Ron Paul didn't even have a chance at winning. His son Rand may run but I never really looked at his views on marijuana.
  15. OK:
    National two party election. Put two stinking turds on a platform and choose the least stinky.
    Same concept applies leading up to nominating who the two stinking turds will be on each side. Each political party has to stack enough turd candidates around their ultimate, determined well in advance turd, so that the "correct" turd is on the ballot.
    Think how much "better" someone like Rick Perry sounds who's suddenly had a "pot epiphany" (which is complete bullshit) compared to some relic who supposedly still thinks that alcohol is the bane of society. (Well, he has a point, sort of... LOL!)
    You're just witnessing the initial turd stacking leading up to the next elections. These are not viable candidates.
  16. Now that is something we can agree on.
  17. If that's the case, no one would vote for him obviously. So, no the efforts so far can not be reversed with the fact that it's already legal in some states anyway.
  18. It's not legal. Its a jumbled mess of a decriminalization law. It's just another step in a progressive long term plan.
  19. [SUB]if its a republican yes[/SUB]
  20. Get yer head out of yer bum, dear.

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