Could someone take a look at this.

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  1. Hello,
    ive recently noticed some crusty tips,
    yellowing on the inside of a couple of leaves
    most looks healthy
    ive read and read, and it could be many things
    What do you guys think it is ?

    i am Using
    Seasol a power feeder
    for nutes
    I have 4 CFL's
    2 14 watt Warm White
    2 23 Watt Bright White

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  2. What type of soil?
    I am not familiar with those nutes.
  3. I dont even know what I'm looking at. Its some fucked up cut up stubbly stump with a branch coming out of it.. I mean is that a re-veg after harvest? Or what? What kind of soil... how old is it.. Always read stickys

    • Hydro or Soil (Describe what type of products your using)
    • Type of light? (Wattage, Color Temp, Distance, Light Timings)
    • "Atmosphere" Conditions (Air Temperature, Humidty, Fan Description, Air Type)
    • Waterings (Type Of Water, How Often You Are Watering, Size of Container)
    • PH Range (Of the Water Your Giving, and Runoff Out of Container)
    • Nutrients/Supplements (Brand, Ingredients, NPK Rating, Dosage, How Often)
    • Pictures if possible! (Posting pictures can describe the problem for you)
    • Design and Dates (Size of your setup, and how long you have had it, age of the P's)
    • Other Any other information you can think of not included by these subjects.
  4. Just offhand, I would say it was a re-veg that got overfed and overwatered with something a little high in PH.
  5. Okay
    Soil : 80% Nu-Grow / 20% Potting mix
    Light : 4 CFL's, 2x 14 watt warm whites, 2x 23 watt Bright whites
    Atmosphere : 31 Degrees Celcius, getting 2 desk Fans in there tomorrow
    Watering : I water probably every second day. and use about a litre,
    With 1/3 strength nutes
    For those of you who arent familiar with my Nutes
    here is a link
    It is a power feeder
    Containing, Nitrogen, Potassium, Amino Acids
    etc etc.
    PH : is at about 6-6.5
    Nutes : As above
    Pics are up
    Design : 1x3x1 been in for about 6 days now
    and no, it isnt a re-veg
    its a clone
    and i got it in poor condition
    just want to show her the life she deserves

  6. well thats mighty noble of ya. :smoking:
  7. OK Based on the feeding chart from your fertilizer link, which plant do you use for ferting amounts? Weed isn't on the list. Oh and its getting a bit hot in their room.
  8. I dont use the chart
    I went by what my mate said
    half a cap full into the water
    how much should i be using
    In your opinion ?
  9. There's your issue right there. You're overwatering. Take it up to half strength on your nutes every third watering. Water maybe twice a week.....maybe only once.
  10. Yeah don't over water. Wait until the soil dries out at least an inch deep. I would only add one TSP [teaspoon] per gallon of water.
  11. looks like a small clone i would say the problem is its too small to even be fed nutes i would let it grow a bit first,just my opinion

  12. Not a bad idea. It might be fert burned already too.
  13. [quote name='Smokeitdown']I dont even know what I'm looking at. Its some fucked up cut up stubbly stump with a branch coming out of it.. I mean is that a re-veg after harvest? Or what? What kind of soil... how old is it..

    (Always read stickys)

    hey im not the most experienced grower but i have my fair few yields.. just thought id try n take a diagnosis...first ov alll what actualy is it? lol, secondly YOU DEFENETLY dont want to be feeding nuits to a plant that small and young whatever soil you shoud be using should have eneough nutes for at least 3-4weeks and then start to feed a higher NPK formula, stronger in N.(nitrogen) GRADUALY and if it like it give more every 2WEEKS! ALWAYS READ STICKYS. PEACE MAN. p.s you should just water for a while to flush the soil ov the toxicity then leave to dry up fully. hope this was any help

  14. A clone? Growing out of a woody stump (pic 1). Nope, I don't think so...gotta be a re-veg. Your problem looks like nute overdose. You've got a huge root system geared toward supplying a fully mature plant. Lots of residual salts and nutes are probably present in the soil....

    I'd flush it heavily with water (like maybe 5-8 litres) over the course of an hour or so. Then let it dry out nearly completely and see where you stand. It's probably NOT gonna need any nutes for several weeks.....

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