could someone give the the jist of DMT

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  1. (every thing i gatherd by reading on it)
    i know its in your brain and is comes out durin sleep to produce dreams.. n during death and birth.. and found in plants? so plants dream.. ? jk.. but i also know it last ruffly 5 minitues.. thats why its called the bussiness mans lunch break.. so in that 5 minutes you have a trip that seems to last much much much increadible longer.... any possible way your could discribe it.. i kno . im sure its very hard..but could you try.. also everythin i said are questions because im courious about it.. seems intreagin
  2. it lasts anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour.....
  3. i mean like visualy.. what do you seen.. encounter
  4. There is no simple explanation of the experience. There is no "jist" to give.
  5. Search. There are plenty threads about it and alot of vids in one.
  6. one cannot describe the incredibly complex dimensions that DMT brings you too, if you have not done it you will not understand, if you have, you will not be able to explain it to one who has not. its just one of them things!
  7. can't be done

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