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Could Someone Explain My High?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Generic_User645, Sep 14, 2009.

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    Skip to fourth paragraph to avoid slightly unnecessary details!

    I have been "high" three times now. Each time was very similar. The first time i smoked a blunt which got me VERY stoned. I was bugging out, feeing very cold etc going up and down in my emotions etc. Quite bad considering i had been wanting to smoke weed for a very long time. Quite fun in retrospect.

    Second time i actually figured out how to smoke (i never smoke cigarettes , only shisha) properly (as in not choke every hit) and had a not so bad high.

    Third time was v.good.

    So basically, this is what my highs have been like so far (as best as i can describe them) and i would like to know how many other people experience a similar trip:

    • "Low Framerate" ie: i move my hand, and it will only appear to move (or actually respond to my commands (i dont know)) about half a second later.
    • Blur around my field of vision, like in a video game when you are going really fast and there is all that motion blur around the edge of the screen. That.
    • Much more comfortable with oneself, no social anxieties and obsessive behaviour (which, when sober, dominates my life). I loved this bit the most, i just said stuff without care what someone thought of me, whereas i am a very shy person normally. I could make so many friends while high. I actually WANTED to talk to people.
    • No bad thoughts, apart from the first bad trip when every time i thought of something "bad" or weed related my body REALLY hurt.
    • Increased awereness - i managed to spot/appreciate jokes in ATHF i overlooked (and i have seen all 50+ episodes at least 3 times each) and paid attention to every snare drum in music (and i listen to idm and breakcore with crazy ass snare drums). Every snare felt like it vibrated my whole body.
    • COMPLETE disregard for time. 3 hours felt like 26 minutes!
    • Some hyperactivity.
    • NO red eye, gigglies and munchies.

    Those are pretty much related to the second and third highs i had (the first high i had made feel like i was going to die, stupid i know, but it REALLY scared me (in the good way, though)). My friend told me i had the weirdest high he had ever seen. He couldnt even tell i was high, but i sure as hell felt different. Anyone else experience a simmilar thing on their first few highs? Or even now? Will my highs change as i use more?

    NB, In case you are wondering, i smoked a blunt the first time, and spliffs the other times.
  2. Man im so baked right now..

    sounds like it was a great high..

    i took to many :bongin::bongin: tonight

  3. Those are all normal home boy

    low framrate feel is awesome too I love it when that shit happens
    Next time your baked go look in your fridge
    You'll sit there in awe of the glory

    Oh and I pick out parts in songs too
    It's wierd with weed I can listen to a song and totally forget anyone is singing and just listen to the bass drum and just follow the pattern then I snap out of it
  4. Each high is unique, enjoy the differences, especially the subtle ones.

    Basically your brain just does stuff you're not used to it doing, and so you have strange experiences. Weed allows your brain to work in an extremely creative way. You'll be surprised by some of the things you think about!
  5. Just don't obsesses over the actual high and try to describe it and stuff, just let it do its thing.
  6. See this is why Weed is such a great thing, it has something about it that it does for you to make you truly appreciate your life more. Like the op said it helps with his obsessive behavior or whatever. I love it cause it makes me wanna munch the fuck out.
  7. I also get the blur of vision none of my other friends have it, the higher i get with some strains the smaller that field of vision is
  8. We all get at least one bad high in our lives. I've been toking for 2 years now and had my first bad high a week ago. It happens to us all, but it sounds like your on the right track. Smoke weed everyday my friend.
  9. Sound actually makes my body feel good, like a wave of pleasure, or relaxation, maybe a massage throughout my body as I hear a noise. Thats why music is so phenomenal while high.

    I used to think I was going crazy when I smoked the first few times. I thought I'd cause brain damage or something.
  10. what? time passes slow as fuck when high. that must have sucked.
  11. yeah man, you have to blast music through your headphones, its amazing.
  12. Yes to all except for the first one

  13. Lol, that's what he meant...3 hours passed and to him it only felt like 1/6 of that.

    Yeah man, that's all good. It is weird when highs that feel bad when you have them seem good in retrospect.
  14. Yeah, after the first time i just let the high take me places, i wasn't trying to control it and had a MUCH better time.
  15. Any one who is an introvert (like I am) needs to smoke some weed. Quiet people have awesome thoughts, ideas, and values, they just need a little help to stop worrying that everyone is going to put them down.

    Being high will help you open up to people. Eventually you'll be able to do it sober too.
  16. Ha yeah, i always haves omething to say i just dont. What you said about being able to "open up" while sober is true. After i got high the other day i just thought to myself "well if i felt so friendly and happy while high, imagine how i could do while sober" and from that day i have taken a "whats the worst that could happen?" attitude.
  17. sounds good to me, i like gettin dem kinda highs spepcially when ur bumpin the bass in ur car and ur rly feelin it haha

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