Could she be pregnant?

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  1. alright blades so i'm 19 and my girlfriend is 18 and we've been dating a little over a month. We had sex for our 2nd time together this morning, and something very unexpected happened.

    while finishing on top of her i came, and as i progressed to get off of her i noticed the condom wasn't on my dick anymore... i asked her where the condom is and she instantly freaked out, it turns out in was still in her pussy (weird right).

    so i took it out and that was basically it, i'm not sure if it was off when i came or if theres any chance of her being pregnant but i definitely hope not and so does she.

    any support or advice is welcomed

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    does she know her cycles and when she ovulates? day afterr pill is like $50 and its prime time for her to consider it.
  3. Have her check this out.
    Dont freak out too much. There is only really one week a month you can get pregnant. It took me over a year to get pregnant with my son. 
  4. Is she on any type of birth control? If not, get the plan b pill. And she should consider getting on some type of birth control. Gotta take precautions. Good luck.

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  5. Plan B pill dude it's not to late, better safe than sorry.
  6. Should all that fail theres also abortion.

    But yea just get a morning after pill
  7. she was SUPPOSED to start her period today and we had sex this morning. she still hasn't gotten her period, don't you ovulate half way through your cycle so shouldn't i be fine?

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  8. Period not starting is a bad sign.
  9. between me and my friends ive the heard the she's late shit a million times only 2 or 3 babies have actually come of it
  10. So why not take the fucking advice given and go get plan b? Or is that to complicated to make out????
  11. Punch her in the stomach.
  12. shes 100% pregnant abortion is murder enjoy the kid
  13. Coat hanger OP.
    Act fast.
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    Haha, I bet those 2-3 kids are still expensive as hell (each). 0 is much, much cheaper.
  15. The condom came off when you pulled out OP happens to me sometimes. If she was supposed to get her period today and today is when it happened I highly doubt she is pregnant.
  16. op plan b to b safe obv you can get them at rite aid, but dont stress its commen that sex espec in kids yalls age can cause delayed periods was it a first for her or atleast in a long bit. cuz if so that could explain the missed period but a day off is like dust in the wind man, i only had one lady friend who was down to the days with her period and even then sex, stress and just hormones will through the . off....
  17. Haha I remember when op first met her & then her parents. I feel like I'm in this with you OP. Go get plan b so we don't have to raise the little shit.

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  18. Kick the bitch down some steps.
    Or get the morning after pill?
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  19. [youtube][/youtube]
    high chances she could be, try using a smaller condom next time hahah
  20. If she was about to start her period I highly doubt she is.


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