Could it be tmv?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Watwat87, Jul 16, 2019.

  1. Everything is good with my plants, just calmag issues here and there. But I noticed this little guy looked a little weird. And the only thing that i think it could be is tmv, looking for opinions or solutions. TIA
    Here's a photo IMG_20190716_113526.jpg
  2. It is a hydroponics system.
  3. That is kind of strange looking and personally have never seen that before. I run dwc as well. My guess would possibly be chlorine in the water
  4. It is tap water, though this is my 3rd grow and first time I've seen this, and I've had All kinds of issues, still no" successful" grow though. Most of my issues before were things like pH and nutrients though I feel like I've got those things pretty covered now, this is my only problem besides calmag/ nitrogen here and there..
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  5. Yep I have come to learn that pH and ppms can be the most important thing.
  6. Maybe I'm missing something somewhere... Type of nutes?? I'm using general hydroponics and a few others but I'd have to look at the names on the bottles
  7. If using soil. Measure the ppm of your water/nutes before feeding. A properly built soil will have natural pH buffers.

    Dwc you have to check the resivoir pH and ppm. Hydroponics are nice because you can fix problems quickly.
  8. ah true. I do have a ppm meter but I'm never sure what the range should be. Everyone gives so many different answers I never know which is right..
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  9. This could definately be it if he is using tap water and not letting it sit out that 24 to 48 hour period for the chlorine to dissipate
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  10. Seedling I go like 200. Third node I will bump it up to 400 then 700 rest of res. Then before flower you want to flush. In flower they like ppms around 1000. Need a pH meter.
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  11. Yes, I definitely let it sit for 24-32hrs before I use, something I've always done. Except once and that was a disaster
  12. Looks like my ppm is around 300 atm. Which seems about right according to your scale. I am due for a waterchange and fresh nutes this weekend.

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