Could I sue?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by †TheGrow†, Oct 18, 2014.

  1. Well I got a candy heart box and one spelt dick haha. I am obviously  not going to sue them over something this funny(I ate they candy anyway LOL) But i thought it would be an attractive title. Anyone else ever get a messed up candy like this?
    funny candy.jpg

  2. That's hilarious.
  3. Why are you eating sweethearts in the middle of October..?
  4. I should sue you for wasting my time on this pointless thread.
  5. Did you enjoy dick in your mouth? I hope it was sweet..
  6. The picture is a bit older, but i love chalky type candies, so if I could find them in October I would buy them all haha.

    Maybe ;)
  7. You actually probably could sue. 
  8. I know I possibly could, but it's not in me to do so. I;m sure it was a mistake. But a year supply of heart candies would be nice
  9. I don't see a problem here.  A candy dick is right up my alley.  
    Yes you can sue.  You were forced to put dick in your mouth and now have to endure a lifetime of mental trauma.  It's almost rape!

  11. Hum... Maybe I could sue them for rape... The candy did go in my mouth... Damn bastards. What if I am pregnant?
    gotta take that shit to maury.
    Or wait who's the new guy.  Is maury even still around?  Bill cunningham!
  13. Psssh this is huge news if I am carrying his baby. I need to get on Oprah! 
  14. You only have yourself to blame for dressing the way you do..
  15. Im sexy and I know it.
    angry floof.jpg
  16. I'd hit it..
  17. Kinky... I like your style ;)
    It's doggie style.. literally..
  19. Well if you like it like that, how bout I bring in another bitch ;)
    Imagine having both of us at the same time 
    pups sleeping2.jpg

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