Could a 1985 BMW 318i be driven in the Winter?

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  1. Hmm... maybe it's me? :confused_2:

    Anyways, I over-exaggerated a little bit in my last post. Not double-clutching wouldn't be an instant deathwish, but I do strongly suggest that you be careful getting off interstates. That's where I always had the most traction issues. And in all fairness, I've never been to Michigan, so in retrospect it seems kinda stupid for me to talk about a place I've never been, ha. I'm used to NC winters (which, for Iredell county, means LOTS of ice, but very little or no snow for traction).
  2. An lsd is definitely going to help with traction. Doesnt matter if its snow rain or dry out. But tires are more important.

    I wouldnt say double clutching is safer than shifting normal. Again it just depends how smooth you are. You could double clutch and still dump the clutch and give alot of gas which would cause the tires to spin. You could also shift normal and lightly let out the clutch and give little gas
  3. you all are arguing over something retarded. DOUBLE CLUTCHING is the same as "rev-matching." it mainly helps cars without synchros to shift without grinding, and cars with synchros to help preserve their service life. also it helps keep the cars balance and keeps it from lurching forward if you put it in too low of a gear.
  4. Double clutching is not the same as rev matching. Though in order to double clutch you do have to rev match.
  5. i dont feel like you need to double clutch if you can shift smoothly everytime..

    for winter, the skinnier the tires the better. especially in a rwd car.
    and i suggest buying some winter tires just for your car.. theyll make a difference

    through some weight in the trunk and just be carefull man. take it easy.

    i drive a 90 mustang gt... trickflow kit, exhaust from headers back, eibach springs, etc, etc.. no need to get into detail, but its pushing 330 hp to the rear wheels... and i drive it fine in the winter. i try to stay off the highway though during a snowstorm. that shits just dangerous.
  6. that was one of my dads cars back in the day and he still has it, he told me that is a horrible car in the snow because back in the day bmw made the 3 series way too light in the back. hes told me stories about sliping all over the place in ice and snow, so i wouldnt recomend it. but thats just from experience. peaceee

    ps. if you do buy this car invest in sandbags also and put em in the trunk, thats what he did.
  7. are you stupid? have u ever drove a bmw? limites slip is posi track on these things, i got a 318 and the lsd will put 11's on pavement!!! my 318 will eat any pickup in 2wd in snow cause they got open diff!!!! omg!!! keep the bmw, even if it does get sideways they are the best drifting car ever made. ultamate driving maching
  8. i got 4 winterforce 225's on my 95 318is with lsd, got limited slip and a 5 speed. fuck doubleclutching, bmw tranny's are solid no need for that. take off slow for what? fuck it spin em into 3rd gear and wait for em to catch up at every stopsign. if you cant, or dont enjoy driving a rear wheeled sportscar in the winter you need a minivan. oh and i live in northern michigan, in the snowbelt, i think i know about snow
  9. LSD is an amenity for racing, and a necessity for safety when it comes to bad weather. LSD means youre making sure to put your power to both wheels equally to maximize traction.

    double clutching isnt necessary unless you dont have synchronizers in your car or are driving a semi truck. ive been driving cltuch cars for 5 years and i have never been in a situation where double clutching benefitted me.
  10. drum roll........... get a horse and a pair of carhartt coveralls
  11. Tires are everything in the winter. 4wd doesn't help you stop any faster. ABS helps a ton. LSD makes keeping your car strait very difficult on snow. You may technically have more forward traction, but your side to side traction will be gone. (under acceleration)
  12. very true, you loose your side to side traction in the rear. i wouldnt really advise a person that isnt a capable driver to drive a lsd rwd in snow, you really have to know about countersteering and how to slide because your going to weather you like it or not. if you know what you are doing winter driving in a rwd is very fun. never have too much of a problem with mine, i would have been stuck a few times without the lsd. around this neck of the woods we can get 10 inches in 3 hours easy. keep it in 3rd gear around 3200rpm goin about 25-30 mph plowing snow over your hood, bimmer heeps on a trucki right through it. i got a really steep driveway with a turn so sometimes it takes a few trys to make it up, gotta hit the line just right and keep the ass end behind the front end
  13. lsd is necessary in the winter, whether you can drive or not. people should know how to drive their cars and they should know if the conditions are too bad for them to be driving.
  14. it is the same thing. if you downshift, blip the throttle to make the engine revs match the revs that the higher gear youre about to go into is going to be spinning.

    on a beat up car with bad synchros or a car made without them, you up shift slower, causing your engine to drop rpms more, so you rev the engine to what the rpms are going to be in the next gear to make sure the shit meshes smoothly.

    or are you referring to putting it in neutral and revving it to make the output shaft match engine revs? thats the same idea also.
  15. Yes, I've driven one (manual) around in the winter, it's fine as long as you know what you're doing, and have good tires.
  16. the only time you need to rev match at all with an m42 engine and getrag tranny is when you are going to engine break in 1st gear b4 a tight corner, if you push on 1st too hard if you revvs arent matched yer it will grind so you dont money shift it. double clutching is for old ass trucks with NO sincros or if your clutch is fucked up you can revmatch to shift with no clutch
  17. if your worried about draging the rear wheels some while downshifting gust dont downshift on a corner unbless you are trying to break traction on purpose. you can revmatch if you want but just being gentle with the clutch will rev it for you
  18. it causes faster clutch/gear/torrington bearing wear to let the clutch match revs for you, thats the reason you rev match. and its not a smart idea to shift into first gear anyways. no reason to ever go lower than second. most cars i drove hate when it goes into first, most awd's will refuse to do it till you slow down to like 10 mph.
  19. autocross?

    You're right though, matching the revs manually to the next gear while downshifting will allow you to make much faster shifts than normal without using extra traction, and extend the life of your clutch.

    A stock clutch will let you get some slip in there to bring the revs up, but if you are driving sportier cars, or put in a racing-type clutch (6 puck, unsprung center, metal linings) you lose that ability to slip the clutch and rev matching becomes more important.
  20. try driving a bmw with an m42 then, they arent much good under 2000 rpm and dont make shit for power untill like 3250 rpm. if you want that 3500 rpm through a tight corner so you can get the last 2000 good rpm out of it to shoot you out of the corner u need to downshift, its not a small block chevy, u got to shift these things at 4500 rpm gjust geting up to speed, i dont think it would even be economical to try to shift under 3000 rpm, i grive the hell out of mine all over the place and i get 27 mpg on average, not cruising, includeing all the drifts, stopsigns, traffic, spinning in the winter, doughnuts my full tank gets me around 400 miles at 27 mpg

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