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Could a 1985 BMW 318i be driven in the Winter?

Discussion in 'Planes, Trains & Automobiles' started by Crucifier, Oct 28, 2009.

  1. I'm kind of in a situation where I need a car before it starts snowing. I was going to wait until after the snow clears up, but I need a car now. For me, a 1985 318i was my choice. I found one for $1800, but it may start to snow within about a month. Will this kind of car be able to stand the harsh Minnesota Winter? A friend of mine told me to just put sand bags in the trunk. What would this do exactly, and will it help? Is there anything else I can do?
  2. The car is rear wheel drive which is why putting sand bags in the back is a good idea. The weight adds traction to the rear tires where the power is being put. So yeah, you can drive it in the winter, I wouldn't recommend going on unplowed roads with it cuz if you get stuck getting out will be a bitch.

    Also, If its a stick shift learn to double clutch and rev match because if you are dropping the clutch into gear all the time without doing these things the jolt may cause you to lose traction and fly all over the place. It is not one of the best cars for the winter, but you should be able to make due.

    You may not have thought of this make sure the heater works before buying it too. I bought a broncho two years ago for driving in the winter exclusivly. I didn't think to check the heater since I bought it in may, When november came around I was PISSED
  3. yea, just make sure you have decent tires. and tire chains if necessary.

    i usually start my manual from a stop by slowly letting the clutch out without applying the gas until the engine rpm starts going down. then just keep it at that point, and lightly feather the gas to minimize torque being put to the wheels.

    if you want a car thats able to drive anywhere, look for a 89-94 eagle talon turbo AWD, plymouth laser AWD, or eclipse GSX, or even a Galant VR-4. they are decent performance cars and are all wheel drive which makes them perfect for any weather.

    if you REALLY like the bimmer, just do what i said first.
  4. Where do you live? Are there hills? How bad is the snow? Is this your dream car?

    If you live in the mountains, definitely not worth it.

    If there are hills that you must conquer, you will fail. Unless of course you have sombody push you up them in theyre car. Ive seen it, it makes me laugh, it damages both cars, but it mainly just makes me laugh.

    If it only snows a few inches every year, you should be ok if you avoid driving on the days it snows.

    If its your dream car, dont do it, you will destroy the car in the snow (from minor dings and dents to ripping your bumper off).
  5. The only thing that matters in the snow is what kind of tires you have. Tires are everything. An all wheel drive car with summer tires or even all seasons wont be nearly as safe as rwd of fwd with snow tires.

    If you get a rwd just be careful and spend a lot of time in parking lots.

    e30s are engineering master pieces and there are plenty of parts for them.

    But if your looking for a winter beater i would go with an old Subaru impreza/legacy/outback or forester. You should be able to find one for 1800 no problem and again great cars and plenty of parts
  6. Get ford F150 or 4runner and you're good. :cool:

    Otherwise, good luck.
  7. Lol good luck for what? As long as you have proper tires and double clutch, you won't need "good luck".
  8. Theres really no need to double clutch. Just be smooth with your foot work
  9. i own an e30. check around your area for a 325iX, its an awd e30. or, run the VIN (there's a guy on that'll help you there) on the 318 you're looking at and make sure it has an LSD rear end. without it, you won't be going far.

    blizzaks are great snow tires, too.
  10. not to be a dick..

    Could a bear shit in the woods?
  11. lol

    are you trying to say he could drive any $1800 bucket in the snow/winter?
  12. yeah, pretty much.

    anything can be driven in the winter, but not necessarily without white knuckles and shit stains in your underwear.
  13. tires tires tires....i sold tires for 15 years, it all starts with the tires,i live in michigan .car sounds like a good deal,but again tires,the best snow tires you can buy are bridgestone blizzaks,their expensive but worth every penny,anybody tells you any different ..their nuts.i personally have had these on 2 different vehicles 95 s10 4x4 current vehicle,94 grand am which plowed throught the snow like the 4x4 with these tires.if can afford these tires BUY THEM! you will thank me later.another tip get all four snow tires not jus the drive tires! i put my snows on last week:D
  14. If u you realy like that car, I would say it is safe. you have to ask if you can drive well too. i get by in michigan with a mustang and it is fun to drive in the snow. granted some days it stays parked, but the fun evens the bad out. as for cars bmw makes some of the best cars for all around weather. if not that and u r looking for a fun car that better suites ur conditions. get a sti or a lancer. that from experiance is the best fun and safest
  15. oh and a lsd rear end is a waste unless u are driveing on a racetrack trying to shave .1 seconds off your time. it had nothing to do with snow.
    p.s. dont forget to turn off your traction control if u r spinning those tires. or it will break that little "lsd" rear end
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    its an e30, no TCS. lsd rear is not a "waste", either.

  17. I REALLY disagree dude. Lurching around in Michigan winters with a RWD is just asking for a wreck. I've got an '89 Mustang GT 5speed V8, and the first day I had it, it was raining (keep in mind this was my first 5-speed), and I damn near wrecked countless times because I didn't know how to double clutch properly.
  18. i don't double clutch, and i live and drive in maine.
  19. any car can be driven in the snow if you know what you're doing.
  20. i live in michigan and i also drive a 5 speed mustang. i do fine in the winter with it. im not sure that i know what "double-clutching" means but ive driven for 5 winters in a manual rwd car and been just fine. mine does has and after market lsd "detroit rocker" and it does seem to do a bit better than my last mustang that just had the traction control button. but to the point, its all really about how carefully you drive... i have a friend that had an 84 318i and he did fine through the winter he had it. he switched to a fwd pussy cavalier but thats besides the point. just be careful with it til you know what you can do in it. its definitely not the best winter car but it should make it through the winter... the best car would be pretty much any subaru.

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