Cought with a weed sack!!! :(

Discussion in 'General' started by mydriasis, May 26, 2009.

  1. i borrow my parents vehicle sometimes. yesterday after drinkin with my buddies, when i got home i took out everything and accidently left the stash of weed on the top of the sun blocker thingy, the one with a mirror. i got a phone call today that they wanted 2 talk 2 me when they got home!!
  2. Oops, sounds like your fucked buddy boy!

    Just say to your dad, that he can keep the weed & you wont tell mum ;)
  3. i never been COUGHT before
  4. Anyone else always think that threads with these titles have something to do with police, only to find out that their parents just found their dime bag?
  5. damn that blow...claim one of your friends left it in there when you were giving them a ride
  6. dont lie, just tell them the truth.
  7. Haha for real dude. I always love reading the cop stories. But it seems like every other thread is "My parents found my pipe/stash!"
  8. Drinkin and driving in your mom's car?
  9. if you were drinking and driving you deserve to get caught. you did something retarded, left your bag in there car being the drunk you are, take the consiquences and man up.
  10. [​IMG]

    Don't get all mad at me now.
  11. Yeah, I was expecting him to have been arrested.
  12. stupid thing to do, but ofcourse buddy you already know that, next time be more carefull
    post what they say :eek:

  13. /thread

    life's a bitch man. Gotta own up to things sometimes to get respect. If you're honest w/ your parents, maybe they'll respect you more.

    but then again you were DRINKING and DRIVING in HER car. So who knows what will happen *shrugs* just tell the truth. Lying only puts you deeper in the shit in the long-run
  14. How would he lie? His parents are obviously going to know its his.
  15. by pulling the whole "it's not mine"

    obviously they're gonna know it's his, hence why he should tell the truth

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