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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by highasfuck1989, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. Does anyone not cough when they smoke? I seem to not cough at all whenever I smoke out of a bong or pipe.
  2. I cough all the time... it happens man.
  3. If you aint chockin

    You aint tokin
  4. ^ Wonder how I am getting blazed as fuck then LOL

  5. i was going to post this...
  6. Again I'll am I getting high as fuck then?

  7. not if you're vaping ;)
  8. I felt like i was dying the first time I smoked. It was a blunt and I had never smoked anything in my entire life. I was coughing so hard I was tearing up and I couldn't believe anyone could do that daily. Slowly I got more used to it, now I can cash my bowl (small monkey pipe) in one hit and blow it out my nose without a hint of a cough.

  9. i used to cough alot,

    i stopped smokin blunts though,

    i rarely cough anymore, unless the hit goes down wrong, or i get fireballed.

    otherwise, no coughy coughy
  10. Gotta cough to get off. Who knows why you don't ever cough, why would you complain though?
  11. I'm not complaining, I just thought it was weird was all.
  12. I really don't cough all that often. Only if I accidently take a heroic milkshot when I'm not expecting it lol
  13. Yeah I'm usually watching my hits to make sure that doesn't happen, lol
  14. A better thread would be how not to cough lately I have been coughing so much I toss my cookies
  15. My ex always coughed over and over and it was like a punch in the fucking head every single time when i was baked

    Made her cough into a pillow
  16. take bigger and longer rips man.
  17. Seems like I torch the bowl pretty good and blow out clouds...I dunno man:D
  18. me and my brother are the complete opposite. He smokes mostly bowls and bongs and i smoke a lot of joints and blunts and whenever i smoke out of his bong i cough up a lung but with a blunt i dont cough vise verse with him.
  19. That sounds pretty crazy lol
  20. Im not gonna lie tho I've had my fair share of coughing but not like this guy lol

    [ame=] - Guy hits bong like a pro with unexpected result..[/ame]

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