Coughing up resin?

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  1. I smoke bongs everyday. 2 grams a day is my usual, and 99.9% of it is smoked through a bong. Random times i'll cough, and get phlegm in my mouth, and spit it out. I've noticed that it is greyish-brownish-black. Anyone else get this? It's kinda hard to explain but if you get it you'll know what I mean
  2. Also how many filters is your smoke going through? Percs? Ashcatchers? Carbon Filters?

    I'd recommend a carbon filter, it will catch most of that stuff that you're coughing up.

    if that doesn't work, try exercising more if you do not already, that cleared it up for me, i think it gets it out of your body faster.
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  3. I've had this... the only way to stop it would be to filter more (as suggested by previous poster), vape more, or smoke less. It's not as harmful to your lungs as you'd think, though -- consider at least you're coughing it up... as compared to never coughing up cigarette tar etc.

    My best advice is to cough that shit up and move on lol.
  4. ya man that shit has started happening to me ever about 8 months ago or so, i also 90 percent of time only smoke out of my bongs. I've had it get pretty bad like just shit tons of that flem, i assume its just from smoking all the time and shit but it tends to worry be on occasions know what i'm saying. I thought smoking exclusively through water would stop this but alas no deal.
  5. i bet you guys are smoking regs or mids when that happens. i went to a friends house the other day and we smoked some of his regs and the next morning i started coughing up black shit.

    i guess thats why i only smoke dank. pot snob or not i like to be healthy and some of the shit you guys smoke can't be healthy. i understand not everyone can get dank all the time but some times you need to just pass and wait till some better weed comes your way.
  6. This has started happening to me too... and I smoke dank.
  7. yawbus -- I smoke dank as well (see my stash jar thread -- "AZ Smokes").

    Honestly dude the best thing you can do is slow down... 2 grams a day is a lot, why not smoke a gram a day -- all at once -- and get REALLY blazed after being sober all day? Best way to go for sure.

  8. I'm just saying I haven't coughed up shit in the past 6 months and I smoke some regs out of a bong and I'm coughing up black shit for 2 days. So to me it seems like its the lower quality weed that makes me cough up stuff.
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    i'd bet that's the tar in your lungs coming up. i get the same thing but it's more because of quitting smoking cigs.
  10. I've been getting the same dark brown "flecks" in my phlegm for around a year now. I am about a week into quitting cigs, I'm guessing its whats causing the brown shit. Anyway, it is the lungs cleaning themselves out so better than nothing.
  11. I cough up phlegm a lot, but it's never brown/black. Try buying something with Guaifenesin in it (mucinex, or generic)... this helps.
  12. Yeah dude and also take into consideration what you breath in daily just walking around in a city etc... the lungs clean themselves, it's what they do... you have nothing to worry about.
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  13. Buddy, I AM one of the "pot snobs" :D Its definitely not the quality of weed I smoke.

    I smoke through a normal bong, no percs or fancy shit. I ain't worried about it really, doesnt seem to harm me, just wondering if anyone else gets it.

    What is a carbon filter? Is it those things people have on their glass on glass bongs? Because I only have grommet tubes and one glass on glass, but the bowl and downstem are attached.
  14. why not smoke .1 a day

    thats what i do

  15. It is just a little glass piece that holds carbon that smoke goes through to filter out tar, etc. Keeps your bong really clean too. search for roor carbon filter and you will see what i'm talking about.
  16. PETCO Activated Carbon at PETCO

    • Removes harmful contaminates
    • pH Stable, phosphate-free
    • Easy grip bottle with convenient pouring spout
    • Eliminates odors and unsightly discoloration
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  17. Sup Y'alls

    This has been happening to me for awhile.

    I did a lot of research and talked to this pre-med dude and I'm pretty sure it's from not giving your lungs enough time to heal themselves after being put through the stresses of smoking.

    Eventually, if you smoke heavily and regularly, the cilia in your lungs (tiny hair-like things that filter air and move particulate matter that you inhale out of your lungs like smoke, dust and other crazy shit) get burned away and stop to work.

    This is why your lungs create mucus around the particulate matter you've inhaled and then you cough it up all at once and see the stuff rather than it being brought up gradually in smaller amounts.

    If you've noticed you're coughing more and your phlegm is super dark green (not the light green of an infection) and sorta chunky with black stuff in it than thats what's happening.

    All you have to do is take a break for a little bit and give you're lungs time to repair and grow back the cilia. I'm in the middle of doing that right now and I coughed up a bunch of gross shit but it's been a little over a week now and I feel a ton better.

    Good luck.:wave:
  18. i think if i started coughing up shit like that i would stop smoking for a while...just sounds nasty.

    been smoking daily for 2 years now through all sorts of pieces and papers and never coughed anything up.

  19. Good first post :laughing:

    This thread has me thinking of getting a carbon filter... I have a 8 arm perc and a sick diffuser, but I think I may go with a carbon filter > ashcatcher to avoid any drag

  20. well, unless it starts to be consistently green or red... x-mas colours are not good to see in lung-juice.

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