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coughing problems

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by smokeysam420, May 26, 2009.

  1. most the time, whenever i hit my bong im trying to cash the fucker. and when i clear it and realize how harsh and nasty it is (im smoking mids lately) i hack my ass off. and when i do i get like phlegm and mucous in my mouth like a luigi so i spit it out. i was wondering if when i spit that shit out, am i spitting out any pyschoactive cannabinoids?
  2. no, youre spitting out shit in your throat and what makes you sound nasally, spit that shit out or cough it out. physchoactive cannabinoids are in the smoke, not what your body produces as a result of the smoke
  3. I agree with spazx. The only way you'd have the actual stuff in your throat from that is if your screen's gone, so hack that shit out, take a deep breath, and hit it again.:smoking:
  4. maybe just take two medium sized hits? haha
  5. when i'm by myself i love clearing fresh bowls in 1 or 2 hits....

    it's like my favorite thing to do... now with company i hate it cause then we waste weed...

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