Discussion in 'General' started by StickyxLover, Mar 23, 2006.

  1. Ive got a pretty bad cough/cold and i wasnt sure if smokin on friday would make me feel even more shityer. Just wanted to know if you think its a good idea or not or will it make me feel even more sick then i already am.
  2. to tell u the truth from 1st hand experience......yes man u will feel soooo much better after u smoke and u'll mite even forget ur sick ull be so comfortable and even get a great night sleep...but it does prolong ur illness a bit and can make ur cough a little worse...its basically ur decision whether u wanna get over being sick quickly or jus start feelin better now lol
  3. It will probably worsen the cough, but help the cold out alot. Just keep some cough syrup handy and youll be straight.

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