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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by piffcity09, Jun 10, 2009.

  1. i dont know if i like it:( today i smoked about 3 bowls of an apple pipe and the high was all good .. abit lazy but nothing major .. later i re uped on a decent joint and it just knocked me on my ass i atee loads and couldnt moved and fell asleep. is there any reason for this?
  2. Because you decided to sit there and eat loads and sleep. If you got up and went for a walk or meet up with some friends you wouldn't feel so tired. You'll steel be feeling the effects, it will just be in a different way. And when you get the munchies eat some fruit instead of anything else. I always have tangerines or something good like that.
  3. couchlock/eating everything in sight= an indica dominant strain. Personally I prefer the hammer of the indicas vs. the heady high of a sativa.
  4. i feel like weed works on momentum

    bear with me

    if you're walking, you could just keep walking forever and ever it seems
    however, if you're just sitting doing nothing, you'll continue to sit and do nothing
    even if im not hungry and i decide to have something to eat i will just continue to eat
  5. yeah i suppose your right, do you know of any good activities while stoned at home alone? my usual 'routine' is toke, followed by a shower, then eat something, listen to music, go on internet. it gets pretty repetitive which i think is making me lazy:smoking:
  6. Yeah I know what you mean. I usually have a shower, toke, put my bowl and weed in my backpack, and go for a bike ride in the forest. It doesn't have to be physical to work though, just do something that keeps your mind engaged.
  7. Haha. I've been trying to put that into words for ages to explain it to my mates, you got it exactly right xD

    Yeah, couch lock can be avoided, but it's hard :p
  8. I personally love couch locking. I prefer indica dominants in comparison to sativa. I remember being so couch locked that i locked down walking up the stairs. Believe it or not i found my childhood stash case under a felt of carpet. I ended up playing mario kart GBA for like 3 hours until the battery died :(
  9. I fucking hate couchlocks.

    Hate them with passion.
  10. Honeydew's the money melon!
  11. dang i remeber my first couchlock :]
    just sat there and stared at my christmas tree haha

    good times

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