Couch Potato with a downstem question...

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    So I first came across one of these two or three years ago and have wanted one since, so I finally decided to fork over some cash and get one.



    Its nothing spectacular (and excuse the pictures - awesome first gen iPhone), but I have had no luck finding much variety - let many places that make, carry, or sell them. Regardless, I'm very happy.

    As far as my question is concerned... I'm wondering if anyone has ever heard or, seen, or came across a glass on glass downstem designed for a non-glass on glass piece?

    If that didn't make sense, hopefully this will... the point where the bowl and downstem connect are glass, but where the downstem meets the basin is NOT, or in other words, designed for the gasket?
  2. this is a glass on rubber piece, meaning you can only use specific bowls that ARE the downstem too. so no, you cant get a glass on glass downstem for that.

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