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  1. Where you at man? anyone know where igotthecottons been?:eek:
  2. Man, I got the cottons!

  3. i wonder where he is at
  4. Ive been wonderin too, Hes a cool dude.
  5. he's posted a few today.
  6. cotttons hey guess what eddie is over here
  7. Haha, this reminded me off when I used to be a pest. Looking back at my PM's, he was the first person I ever PM'd:

  8. I've been a mess lately. Tryin to get my shit together. My 'puter died and my dad sold it, so I'm beat for internet with the rare exception being when I can get on at a friend's house.

    Hope all is well here. I don't have much time to stay. Just thought I'd let ya'll know where I've been. I'm hoping to get another computer by around Christmas, but I have to pay court costs, and get another car before I can worry about a computer... But I'm definately not through with this place yet. I'm just havin a little difficulty at the moment. I'll see you guys as soon as I possibly can :D

    Until then... Stay stoned, and in the words of Bill and Ted... "Be excellent to each other" and that kinda shit.

    Peace out all!
  9. Cheers man, good luck on your journeys! Come back some time and update us bro :)
  10. Good to hear from you man. Stay strong.

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