Cottonwood trees.

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  1. There's a cottonwood tree around where my plants grow and the cotton has been getting on my bud sites. Will that cause problems late into flowering?
  2. @Dndfdv
    Just the visual aspects. Won't hurt you. My gardener blows dirt and crap into my flowering plants every week with his yard blower after mowing the lawn.
    I dunk-rinse the finished trimmed branches in a trashcan full of water at harvest to get the loose crap and dust off and call it good.
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  3. hah my buddy had the same problem, no it wont but it will get into your bud and you will smoke the "cotton" aswell, A cheap solution he did was use Window mesh and make a screen around the plant ( like a tomatoe cage ) and the mesh catches all the cotton
  4. The mesh is what I was thinking about as well. I might give that a try today
    I'm gonna give that a try. I was thinking about that as well. Thanks!

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