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cottonmouth cure

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by jstone23, May 18, 2010.

  1. ladies and gentlemen i give you the cure to cottonmouth!!!!!

    i keep like 5 of these in my house at all times (diet too so chug away)

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  2. I'm confused is the volume the cure or the drink?
  3. Really anything but water cures my kottonmouth!
  4. wow, I haven't had cottonmouth for decades...literally.:smoking:
  5. it was supposed to be a joke lol but the volume sure does help and i love drinking that when im high
  6. cotton mouth isn't that big of a problem, you should try find a good way to stop muchies:) but i still love that type of tea
  7. ive got a munchies cure too (atleast it works for me most of the time)

    yno 5gum? well if you chew the green one while your high it starts to taste like dark chocolate and that seems to satisfy my hunger because it feels like im always eating chocolate
    other kinds of gum work too i think 5 is the best
  8. Ultimate CM cure is Jolly Ranchers,
  9. Water does the job for me lol... Its good with a slice of lemon too.
  10. hey OP, have you ever tried an Arnold Palmer Lite??
    also diet and gahhhh damnnnnn its delicious. made by the same company too.

    If you havent tried one yet,,, i highly recommend it bro broo
  11. arnold palmer is so good but im such a big peach fan that always is my preference
  12. two pics is all it requires:



  13. tacobell ftw

  14. yaa man. there is like a new thread on cottonmouth every week. i always just post that pic hah.
  15. baja blast needs to be mass produced or im gonna start bringin in 2 litters and fillin em in my back pack so i can have the shit whenever

  16. nothing wrong with getting ur point across

  17. 1/2 blue powerade, 1/2 regular mountain dew

    but you must credit me forever for telling!
  18. i wills

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