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Cotton Mouth

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Sir fapsalot, Jun 15, 2013.

  1. What is y'all's favorite drink for cottonmouth my three in order is water milk and coke they seem to work the best just curios to know other people's
  2. Chocolate milk man
  3. Water, gatorade, fruit juices.
  4. Irn Bru all the way
  5. Chocolate milk, and chocolate milkshakes, also sunkist lol.
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    I always drink milk too, and always have a big container of water. Pepsi seems to work nicely as well. And so does sprite.
  7. Ice Water, Iced Tea, or a "liter of Cola" (inspired by the Super Troopers movie lol.
  8. water, coke or pepsi, i also like a good chocolate milk shake.  mmm
  9. water, arizona and gum to stimulate saliva
  10. I always be sippin water or powerade when I'm blazed 
  11. I quit drinking soda a month or so ago so nowadays it's just water or Gatorade every once in a while.
  12. 1. Chocolate Milk
    2. Ice cold water
    3. Lemon Iced Tea
  13. water usually, sometimes beer  :p
  14. Red Bull is my favorite for afterburn.
  15. Squash... has to be chilled mineral water tho  :smoke:
  16. 1. Chocolate Milk
    2. Orange Juice
    3. Beer :yummy:
    Usually I'll make a bowl of cereal. Cures the munchies and cottonmouth at the same time.
  17. 1.Monster or Red bull.
    2.Arizona Green tea or their juices

  18. Nuff Said..
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  19. sweet tea.  the one that they brew at circle k is the shit.  
  20. Sweet tea for sure

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