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    So i can get a gram of mids for $5 and a quarter for $25 so how much would a oz be???
    And how much would a pound be?:smoking:

    Sorry if this is not the place to post this new to this site
  2. Well, 4 qtr = 1oz, so $100, maybe 90?
  3. Your total comes up to $95.79, do you have an Albertson's Card?
  4. lol dog ,the prices you just gave us make it impossible to determine the price of a zip.
    maybe 70-75$?
  5. unless your dealer/s are on this site, the best we can tell you is what you should've already guessed, 100 for an oz., 1600 for a lb. but it would definitely be cheaper than that

    just ask your dealer

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