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  1. Just out of curiosity, how old is everyone here? What is your living arrangement? What are your monthly expenses as far as rent, food, gas, other living expenses? I am 21 and used to share an apartment with my friend. When my job company went under I was unemployed and had to move home. Now I am considering moving back out wig the same roommate and possibly another friend. I have about 6500 in the bank. I have a job again which pays decently. 9 something an hour. I'll be attending school full time so I won't be able to work full time. Do you think It is a wise financial decision to move back out? I have 2 vehicles that I pay insurance on every 6 months as well. What kind of financial cushion do you have? How do you budget your expenses?
  2. 20 years old

    Live on the road for the most part. (It's a work thing) When I'm not on the road i'm couch surfing or at my parents.

    $200/month cell phone bill is my only real "expense". My job pays for my food and hotel rooms. The tax man and my savings portfolio can account for 75% of my paychecks though.

    Financial cushion: 25,000

    Budget: hahahahaha, I'm 20 and I have a 100% disposable income. I'm quite fond of the lack of this term in my life. My savings are automatic transfers though and that has really helped me save my cash. I recommend others to do the same because you are going to save some cash if you don't have a choice.

    As far as moving out goes, your 21 and your in school. There isn't any shame living at home although it can get you kinda down on your mood. Save that 6500 for when your done school and go celebrate.
  3. 22, Apartment is about 400 a month with utilities and shit, I make about 600 on a check and get paid bi-weekly. So while im not making a huge amount of money, I still can budget for stuff I want/need, but I also dont own a cellphone at the moment.
  4. 19, just started renting a 4 br house with 2 friends and we are growing in the other room. Its about $380 each per month after utilities.
    Car insurance is $270 per month
    Probation $45 per month
    Drug tests $42-70 per month (3-5 random)

    Those are my only bills. I also pay for college and other shit too though. I work 2 part time jobs both making $10.00/hr. I make about $2000-2500 a month from them plus I got some other income coming in :)

    Pretty much the rest of my money I blow pretty fast though on useless stuff

  5. You have to pay the for your probabation that you don't want to be on?

    I thought this was America

  6. yeah its ridiculous, comes out to $1080 for 2 years of probation...
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    Wow you must have a bad driving record or a fast car! I pay car insurance every 6 months. But what do you guys think you spend on food and other expenses?
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    Massive massive amounts. Let's see. Groceries every two weeks are about a hundred so 200 already. Plus fast food, random snacks, between me and the fiance we probably spend $300, maybe 350 a month. But like I said groceries are only about two hundred a month so the extra 150 I should pocket for the jolly green ganja
  9. so far i spend the most:(

    food-around 2or300

    usually around 1300 a month
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    In Capitalist America, you pay probation. :hello:

    Rent&food: $1,200 / month.
    Utilities: $60 / month.

    I don't drive nor have a car, but have my license.

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