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cost of living in northern CA

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by cball, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. New here, so forgive me if this is a repeated query

    I am disabled with chronic pain, nausea, acute diverticulitis, IBS, and bipolar. So I qualify under CA rules it seems.:eek:

    So the question is, where are the low cost of living areas some live. :confused:

    SSI disability is in the works, but I was looking to relocate to CA to get the help I can't get in Missouri and find online that the cost is prohibitive....and that could trap me in a state where harmful pharm drugs are all I can use.:mad:

    Any suggestions are much appriciated.:wave:
  2. brentwood is very cheap great new area up and coming great place to raise a family 45 minutes from closest medicinal club
  3. I suspect you want to be close to a dispensary? Try looking at smaller towns around Sacramento; north or east of Sacto is preferable as its the opposite way from San Fransisco and the coast. Hope that helps.
    Also Placer county is a bit of a MMJ haven from what I know.
    Hope that helps
  4. check craigslist
  5. Checked craigslist and was sorta shocked by some of the rentals cost. Shame the sorting and query there is so poor, but I was able to get a hint of cost in the greater Oakland area

    Looked at Brentwood and east sac areas a bit, not too bad, comparable to current local rents.

    Thanks for the pointers!:wave:
  6. Move to Emeryville. Its right between berkeley and oakland and its safe. There are tons of dispensaries nearby too.
  7. Skip Siskiyou county- low rent, but unfriendly to cannabis users, and exactly one dispensary (open for a whole month so far) for the entire county.

    Granny :wave:
  8. humboldt
  9. I've lived all over California and I would suggest somewhere like Chico if you want a nice local accepting community or if you want to be closer to the Bay Area, try somewhere like Santa Cruz.
  10. mendo, humbolt, trinity

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