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Discussion in 'General' started by shredder, Jan 27, 2003.

  1. I was just wondering what you guys normally pay for eighters in your different regions of the country and world. Im in northern cali and i usually pay 45 bucks for an eighth.
  2. 40 Bucks friend, if they are charging more around here it had better be the best smoke around, or theyre just ripping a fellow off.



    watch out for that toke-tax
  3. anywhere from ten for schwag to 55 for kb
  4. 20/eighth from the neighboring state of alabama for good shit

    45 here
  5. wud up yall, i live in the uk (middlands) and a 1/8 ova here is 20 pounds thats about $33 or 30 euros and you can get an ounce of some realy good bud for around 160-180 pounds, ($260)
  6. 50 for cotton candy here
  7. it is 40 bucks here for anything I want, which is all good
  8. here in canada im paying 30 bucks roughly. 30 bucks canadian. i couldnt imagine paying 40 bucks US thats insane over here
  9. i hate this damn town, $60 an eigth, can you believe it. i am used to $50 for the best you can get. i have a hard time even buying weed here, i always feel jipped, of course i am.
  10. Holy shit!

    I'm selling quarters for $50 a piece and I feel like I'm robbing people! Gotta love America.
  11. 35 or 30.. canadian
  12. in london its £20 on the 1/8 i think its the same all over england
  13. yeah.... england is the same all over.

    weed tends to sell for £10 an 1/8, same as hash. but skunk goes for £20-25
  14. bout 5-10 bucks for good regs
  15. Fiddy bones for an 8th of tha shiznittle bam chronic.
  16. Mexican brick pack still $140. a oz. Harsh and taste is variably nasty to nastier.................but it does the trick.

    No 'Kind buds' in sight.

    Not for some time now.:(

  17. By "neighboring state of alabama" do you actually mean alabama? If so, where the hell do you get 20$ eighths of dank?
  18. Does anyone know prices in Niederland?In coffeeshops or on the street.

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