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cosby ...

Discussion in 'General' started by easy rider, Jul 5, 2004.

  1. have you ever watched cosby show when your stoned.... Bill Cosby is the funniest dude.... ..and hes baked off his ass the whole show... jsut watch his facial expressions... his body launguage.... lol.. even teh way he talks... Cosby's a stoner lol..... go watch now! if you live on the west coast ..hes on Nick.. in 5 minutes.... smoke a 'cosby' bowl and watch it..... :)...
  2. god i hate bill cosby so much, he just rambles on and on an on, so i would have to agree with you.....

    hes such a stoner
  3. He's pretty funny. I watched that stupid "Kids Say the Darndest Things" and it was kind of funny. Haha. Cosby Show is better. Yeah, he's a stoner lol.
  4. I'm more a fan of Lisa Bonet. Not in the Cosby show, but in the movie Angel Heart.... ;)
  5. Bill Cosby is the most intelligent funny man I've ever seen. His show was hilarious, I still watch reruns sometimes
  6. cosby was good wasn't he. stoner or not, i like him;)
  7. cosby is a cool guy..... i dont think hes a stoner.....but damn he sure talks like it
  8. I'm sure he's puffed the magic dragon before...

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