Corrupt Pharma Profit Interests

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  1. TEN states, Read That TEN states are In the beginning stages/introducing bills in statelegislature to SECEDE from corrupt war profiteers and international banking interests running federal government. GOOGLE REX-84 The federal government is so tyrannical that they are building concentration camps and buying us Coffins from polyguard plastics. This IS NOT a Joke Educate yourself, the patriot act makes everyone a terrorist. 9/11 was staged. Educate yourself. Al qaeda was founded by cia in 1980's BIN laden gave Bush jr His capital to start his first oil company Arbusto. Busahs younger brother ran security for trade twoers. rockefeller owned land. Comments are welcome. Im not sure of the ten states at this moment. Im being flooded by information. Aspartame is E.Coli Bacteria Fecal matter
  2. Wow lots of stuff in that post

    My state, WA, is one of the states that's all I know
  3. i think you have smoked waay too much pot dude
  4. Did he, now? I didn't know one of the richest men in history could ever afford land.

  5. rofl...
  6. oh hey guys no worries ill translate into english: "DEE DEE DEE" lol

    and thanks for the link madrid is this legit?
  7. Yes it is legit. It started from the stimulus plan. Many states don't want to pay the government their people's tax dollars when everyone pretty much voted against the bill. It's not like Civil War number 2, its just some bills are being sponsored right and now and be discussed that will allow certain non cooperations to happen if they are passed.
  8. wow nice. so sorry if i sound like a noob but if states become sovereign does that just mean they run themselves and are still part of America but dont coincide with the fed gov't? as in do they start making their own laws?
  9. Yes, sovereignty is when states make their own law and cooperate with federal government as much as they want, including not at all.

    In this case, if all goes to plan, they will just use it to make sure they arent forced to give money to banks and auto industry..but technically those states that are soverign could legalize marijuana and that'd be it, itd be like nothing to worry about you can smoke out on the street all day everyday but that obviously isnt the point of these bills.
  10. I declare shenanigans!

    I seriously doubt anything substantial will come of this. Honestly, I don't think there is even anything all that substantial about it now...
  11. Yes that is what I'm trying to say, no want wants it to be substantial and it isn't. It's a response to the stimulus bill and may end up making some change in the stimulus package but nothing more than that.

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