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Correlation Between High Thc Tolerance And High Cbd Tolerance?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Kroptonik, Apr 16, 2014.

  1. I'm curious, like the topic states...what do you guys think? Does a higher thc tolerance translate into a higher cbd tolerance?

    say a lightweight smoker and a heavyweight smoker (thc tolerance wise) smoke some high cbd bud, will they be able to have a somewhat similar healing effect (I know everyone's body reacts somewhat differently) since neither of them are accustomed to the higher cbd strains? Or do you think the person that has the higher thc tolerance will have to use more to get the same level of effect?

    Cbd is a different chemical compound than thc that a lot of smokers aren't used to being in higher levels, which makes me believe there is a higher chance that the two completely different levels of smoker could possibly get close to the same healing effect, like if they had just started smoking and had close to the same thc tolerance.
  2. I don't find that my "tolerance" for cbd increases at all.  Because it's non-psychoactive, it works differently in that regard.  Also, the cbd is doing something that isn't usually associated with having tolerance levels.
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    tolerance involves the receptors getting clogged from saturation or being open to be saturated. thc bumps the neuro receptors and co mingles/fortifies your feel good about life stuff ( euphoric) and cbd bumps other outer periphery type receptors( calming), do not quote me on that but I think that is how it works.  cbd more for nerve endings and thc for the neuro signals sent out before reaching the nerve endings.
    edit... someone looking to fly to the moon on a trip will be disappointed with cbd but someone who needs physical pain relief will strive for cbd.
    CBD is medicine plain and simple.
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    This is a really good question OP and one that i've been trying to answer myself.
    On the neurochemical side of things, what I know is that while THC is a CB1 receptor agonist (stimulates the receptor), CBD is a CB1 receptor antagonist (opposite, quiets the receptor). That is a drastic difference in the way they operate in the brain. Unfortunately I don't know enough about neurochemistry to know how that difference affects tolerance.
    The other thing is to know how tolerance works, and that's a thing called receptor down or up-regulation. Your brain has the ability to close and open CB receptors and it does this based on the amount of cannabinoids, endogenous or plant based, that are available to it. So if you saturate your brain with THC, it says "Oh I have so much of this cannabinoid, I can close some receptors.", so it down-regulates the receptors, closing up a certain percentage, and this is what we experience as a rise in tolerance. So clearly, the receptor agonist causes down-regulation, the question here is does the receptor antagonist do the same?
    If you take a tolerance break, your body suddenly has less cannabinoids than it's used to, so slowly it will open up receptors. The withdrawal effects from cannabis come from that period where you have less cannabinoids in your brain since you stopped smoking, but your receptors have not yet fully upregulated, so there is an imbalance.
    I tried an experiment where I stopped using high THC strains entirely, and used a high CBD strain instead for a week. The high CBD strain I used was 15% CBD, 7% THC, so there was still some THC in there that may have diminished the effect, but indeed at the end of the week I think my tolerance to THC has gone back down, albeit less than if I had stopped altogether. I need to reproduce this experiment a few times, and I'd like to do it with a more pure CBD strain.
    So the jury is still out, but this is definitely something worth investigation. People having a hard time stopping high THC cannabis use could for example use CBD to mitigate some of the withdrawal effects. Also, this is something that patients can potentially investigate themselves given access to relatively pure CBD/THC products.
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    Eh, it's way more complicated than that, especially when we're talking about interaction with THC.
  7. I appreciate all of ya jumpin in on this thought that was goin through my stoned brain! :laughing:

    Lebowski, what was the strain that tested that high? The Ac/dc pheno of cannatonic?
    It was Blueberry OG and Harlequin, which both test the same actually (our specific phenotypes, others vary).
  9. I have a strain called canna tsu which is cannatonic x sour tsunami that is very nice and tests in about the same range.
    Oh that's a good one, i'm quite familiar with it.
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    yes but cbd is not even half effective without its counterpart thc. it is more about the percentages of the two when combined together than the two separate in and of themselves. that is the great divide right now with big pharma trying to get everyone sedated on cbd only. there will be a lot of depressed mother#$#kers when they take cbd only, they will be shouting from the rooftops how they need some thc mixed in.
    Yeah but the big pharma are going to be shoving that shit into a pill or spray.  I'm talking natural stuff here.  That's like comparing apples and bowling balls.  My point was that CBD is meds and isn't recreational.  Whereas THC can go either way.  I just find it frustrating that I have such a hard time finding my CBD meds when the medical market where I live is flooded with high thc products.  Unfortunately straight thc meds don't help me much :(
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  13. there is a balance between the two. without one the other does not work and when you get the balance they are both effective at the same exact rate together, not one being better etc...  you are right, because of prohibition and complete lack of understanding we have bred cannabis to be soaring in thc for the rec user and so many people do not know cannabis is medicine even if they smoke it everyday( subconsciously they know it is but are not actively seeking herbal medicines other than cannabis)  .
    moving to a more balanced active molecular profile will benefit more people everywhere and not alienate sick people who cannot trip balls. this is where each and every person needs to do their part to figure out what they need and take action. grow some cbd rich strains and fortify with some high thc strain to get the balance. that is the great thing, you will know when you get the right balance. if you can find a high cbd with a touch of thc then all the better but phenotypes will be so variant that getting the balance right every time will be impossible. 
  14. Yeah but that isn't true for everyone ie. me.  When I smoke my cbd bud it is 2:1 cbd/thc.  It helps me tremendously.  However, when I mix in some higher thc bud with it, the benefits are not as great.  This is just my experience, maybe I'm the odd man out.  I can only go by what I have experienced myself.
  15. Got some sour tsunami that tested between 12-13% cbd and below 1% thc..gonna mix it with some good frosty afghoo probably
  16. This is exactly what I've experienced.

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  17. why not try it on its own??
  18. I can't even at all get high CBD stuff where I live. It's all high THC stuff, even the indicas :/
  19. Was hangin out with the parents earlier...they smoke occasionally..but I was talkin about cbd strains with my mom and got her to try it out for her knee pain, she took a few hits and now believes even more that cannabis can be a medicine, she said she had no knee pain at all, she actually went from just hurting moving up stairs and Gettin off the couch to taking her dogs out for a 20 minute walk
  20. This has been my exact experience as well using medical marijuana to treat a very refractory seizure disorder. I use a Sour Tsunami X Cataract Kush that comes in at 12% CBD and 6.2% THC. I had gone over six months (after averaging a seizure every 3 weeks for almost 9 years) without a seizure, for the first time since I started having seizures, and since I started using medical marijuana. I had my first seizure since December this morning. I am not sure why, but I strongly believe that it's due to not increasing my intake since I began with medical marijuana ( 0.4 grams a day, two vape packs each night).

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