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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by dragoon990, Apr 8, 2003.

  1. hey all,

    cupla q's for ya...

    1. What is a good soil mixture for my MJ plants? ie: brand names, personal reccomends, ect..

    2. If i cant find any of the above, what should i look for? ie: nutrient wise or content wise...

    3. Should i buy some "vermiculite" to aid in drainage? i am working with mazar plants and as they are a middle eastern strain they probably dont like too much water and/or moisture...

    4. Does anyone have any other suggestions/comments on what to put in my soil mixture for my mazar?

    thx again all,

    Peace and karma,

  2. bro,

    i am new to growing but i bought a couple videos...all of them mention using vermiculite, perlite, and peat moss...will try to find out more information - but those seem to be good soilless mixes...

    bishop the nomad
  3. I like:

    40% Homebase potting soil – with small quantities of added nutrients to get the plant through it's first few weeks before it's first proper feed.

    30% Worm casts – for some basic nutrients/bacteria

    30% Perlite/Course Vermiculite – for drainage

    Mixes change per grow environment though.
  4. i use this moisture pls stuff, it works really good:)
  5. where do u get worm castings???
  6. wtf this thread is like 3 years old...
  7. double wtf....

    haha, i made this thread a billion years ago....

    does that make me an old timer? :smoking:

    in reply to your q tho, you can get them at a local greenhouse or gardening shop
  8. what's the best mixture if i'm using CFL's/fluoros?

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