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    I always thought that OG Kush was clone only but have been seeing it for sale by quite a few different seed banks. Can someone tell me how they have done this? I know about CS but I always thought that produced seeds that hermie or were just unstable and I don't think seed banks would get away with selling them for very long. Also a lot of them have got it down as Chemdog X with something but if the story I heard was true then it's just a special cut of Chemdog from back in the day and that's why it's clone only. Like I said in the title correct me if i'm wrong because it could just be a load of bollocks. But either way, does anyone know a good seed bank with the closest thing to it?
    p.s. and a good place to get Sour Diesel from because that's another one I want to grow. 

  2. I like Reverva Priveda's OG KUSH & im growing Cali connections Sour Diesel now so i dont know but the og kush from RP is great smoke but small yeild & stretchy plant
  3. Okay, first of all lets clear up some misunderstandings

    OG Kush and sour diesel are both Chemdawg. One is West Coast, the other East Coast.

    Both have been around for over 20 years, plenty of time to find a skunk daddy and stabilize.

    Grown a few different of em. Cali Connection or Reservoir Seeds(only thru The Seed Boutique) are the best.

    I actually used both to create my own...found a great mother out of the Cali Cons & and a phenomenal male out of the Rez dogs.
  4.  Thanks for the clarification. I thought that I had heard the thing about both being Chemdawg but wasn't sure if I was just really high and it was all in my head lol
  5. The reservoir seeds gear is on sale right now btw.
  6. chemdawg was cracked in '91. A cutting went to New York. The guy didn't like the name so he called it NYC Diesel. Back in Boston, chemdawg was accidentally hit from a herm Mass.super skunk. Two sisters and only siblings spoken of were sour diesel and og kush. Swerve of Cali con. Hit og kush w an Afghani #1 male and several bxs latter we have SFV OG kush in reg seed form. Other companies did same I imagine

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