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  1. Can anyone please tell me the correct way I should use a foliage spray?

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    don't drench the bud, you dont want bud rot! you gentle spray the approperiate amount on the bud no the leaves, you want to do it as the lights are turning off i believe so they don't get burnt from water droplets, i beliveeee
  3. Well that's a pretty loaded question. Foliar sprays can be a bit of a tricky subject. I use a few different ones during different phases of growth, mainly in veg to supplement my feeding schedual. Let me ask you this. What are you trying to achieve with your foliar spray? Is it for clones? Mothers? Difficiency correction? Different tools for different jobs...
  4. Well I almost killed some plants by giving them too much ph down. I did some research and started nurturing the dying plants, and they started coming back. I then talked to someone that said "try a cal-mag solution with my LED lights. He's a former hydro shop worker and grows some fire! I then started using the mix, and it's helping, but I'm also giving extreme serene and ancient amber by Roots as a alternating spray. They seem to be doing fine, but I talked to a grow shop owner and he said that he uses a spray about 10 times a day, that I may want to step mine up! So, I just want to grow some winning meds!!! ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1416378302.405004.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1416378329.007914.jpg

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