Corporal Punishment

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  1. Corporal Punishment.

    Good or Bad?


    I'll go first.

    The corporal punishment itself has great potential to help the kid stay in line. But the parents need to know how to do it properly.

    If you do it properly, it will greatly help you. But if you do it wrong, then you have problems.

    Here's what I think is good way to punish the kid with corporal punishment.


    1. Always let the kid know what's coming. Tell him how many times you're going to hit. Where you're going to hit.

    2. Let the kid know WHY he's getting spanked.

    3. Let the kid agree to being spanked.

    These are just some things I go through before I hit my kids. But there are more...

    4. Do not hit the kid when you're angry. Even if you're still angry, never make angry or scary face when you hit them.

    Hm... when I can think of more, I'll post them, but for now, that's it.
  2. Soooo you stand there with a neutral face(creepy,lol), ask if the kid AGREES to the spankin':eek:HIT kid in a non-angry manner:D

    I spanked my kids.They KNEW why. My 26 yr old Son and I were laughing about that the other day. He remembered exactly what it was for, got 1 swat(one's enough:devious), and didn't ever need another one:)

    DO NOT threaten to spank without following thru:rolleyes:waste of time.
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    Yes, master...


    When I hit my kids, I talk to the kid until he understands what he did wrong and agrees that he deserves the spanking. He's only 4 yrs old, so it has lot to do with emotion, rather than logic.

    So I try by best to make the whole thing as pleasant as possible, but at the same time, I make sure my smack actually hurts.

    added : Oh yeah. When you hit the kid, make sure you hit it hard enough that it actually hurts like hell. This is the most difficult part for me... can't seem to hit them hard enough.
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