cornering the bowl.

Discussion in 'General' started by sokal, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. do you still do it when youre by yourself?
  2. Sometimes, it's a habit. But a good habbit, you get a couple hits of green instead of torching it all.
  3. Yea because I like to get more hits with green vs. a bigger hit
  4. Hahahahaha, yes. It's a habit.
    Sometimes I realize I'm alone and still cornering it and go 'fuck it' and torch the whole bowl.
  5. Is there any reason not to corner the bowl? :confused_2:

    Unless I forget I do it. Although maybe I will start taking bigger hits rather then more hits. Quality vs quantity argument maybe? I wonder if someones tested whether or not you get more high with larger hits or more hits.
  6. Yeah I usually corner the first few then sometimes I'll just take the how thing later when I remember I'm alone.
  7. lol i love cornering the bowl it just seems ro conserve it well hahaa. torchign ord worktaste good tho =]
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    I think more hits. Either way you have THC entering your system and I dont think a bigger hit increases the amount of THC. Who knows.
  9. Bigger hits mean more thc. More smoke, more thc
  10. yeah but if youre going to get it in the form of several smaller hits its the same amount of thc
  11. i use too..

    now i just pack to my liking nd light it up!
  12. I believe some of the chemicals get 'wasted' when not killing the bowl in one hit. This is because it sort of vaporizes and burns up while the bowl is still lit.

    When I hit my bong but don't wait until the cherry stops burning and try to take another hit, it doesn't work very well at all.

    But if I were to continue taking that first hit until the cherry goes out, there's a significant more amount of smoke that enters the bong than if I were to take it in 2 hits.

    Does that make sense at all?

    If you want smaller hits, I'd just do snaps because it seems much more conservative to me than cornering the bowl.

  13. Well, that's partially true. You'll get more of the smoke in your lungs, that's for sure, but there's the surface area of your lungs that has to be taken into account. By having less smoke in an inhale, you will have more smoke contact the walls of your lungs, rather than taking a huge haul, leaving lots of untouched THC in the smoke that doesn't manage to make contact with the lung walls.

    In my experiences, taking smaller hits gets you way higher off the same amount than epic hauls.

    But hey, to each their own.:smoke:
  14. If a pipe yes but if it's a bong I'll just milk the shit out of my bong and try sink the whole bowl
  15. I usually corner a bowl out of the common courtesy toward my friends. When I smoke alone i don't really give a shit though. :)
  16. thats the only time i can do it. and if you hold the flame just above the weed and dont let it touch the plant matter, your bowl will last alot longer.

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