Corleone Kush From Clone straight to flower project 3 weeks in, need help

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  1. So i was planning on having an entire new veg room lol, but things didnt work out, dude sold kit to someone else for more money, and i couldnt find a deal like it. But i had already purchased 5 corleone clones. So i was like ill eat the cost, not kill them and see what happens if i flower and never veg. So i throw them in some stray 1 gallons I had, and put them in with the rest of my group. I honestly didnt think id get any production but 3 weeks later, they are tall, popcorn frosty frosty nugs....

    Now i prob have 5-6 weeks left, xplant into 3 gallons?

    Is it waste of time to try this with an entire tray of clones (25)??

  2. I don't think transplanting would really help at this point. Roots don't really get much bigger after the first 2-3 weeks of flowering ime.

    You can't get a week veg on them at all? A week veg would probably help a ton. I'm sure if you grew them all without a veg, you'd still get quite a bit of bud.
  3. Thats is what im planning on doing the next grow, ill def veg for some time, the stems are thick, but they need about 21 days veg time imo....ill def keep updating this thread with results, if i get 7g per a plant id prob be stoked lmao
  4. any other opinions on xplanting?
  5. I wouldn't... if you did it in the first two weeks of flower I'd say yes, but after the 3rd week they've pretty much stopped growing at this point and are just focusing on bud production to the plant as it stands, won't do you much good and you're risking shocking the plant in the middle of a sensitive stage, don't want it to hurt or go hermie
  6. thanks again both of you!! no i dont want to ruin them, they actually have some bud all over them, ill throw more shots up tonight, kinda shocked how big they have grown.
  7. yeah, take a look at perpetual harvest setups. They get a mother and take clones off it, then once the clones are rooted they go straight into flower. Each one turns into a nice solid nug, and they do this in 2 week intervals x 4 sets, so they're constantly pulling a batch of fresh colas every 2 weeks.
  8. lol is that why im getting such small nugs from my club?

    ill look into that, seems like id need 2 tents though

  9. yeah, you definitely need one area keeping the mother in veg and the clones to develop, then a flowering tent
  10. week 4, still havnt trimmed the orginal clone yellowed flowers, figured might be helping?

    Buds are getting bigger, and hey are everywhere lol...popcorn i love it, i might start all my strains this way to test em out, but not 5 like i have now

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    BUD KABOBA! 5 and half weeks to go, stunned at the frost these little suckers have

    please dont mind the ugly ones in the back...they are gorgeous to me..5 days from CHOP sour diesel and purple haze

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