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    just to make it known, i'm aware of how dangerous CCC is. i've switched over to robotussin now whenever i want to do DXM.
    anyway i have a box of CCC's left from when i used to pop them occasionally (16 of them).
    i've only ever taken 8 at a time before and it messes me up a little. would 16 pills be too much of an increase? i might as well take them since i have them.. lol.
    i'm 5'6 150 lbs btw :]
  2. i usually take 8 but it doesnt really work for me now...i guess go for the 16,...smoke a bowl and relax
  3. Do the 16 on an empty stomach.(480mg's DXM)
  4. damn its only 480mg? i had a family size bottle of tussin i think its like 600+...that was pretty fun
  5. i dont know much but i wouldnt take them all. my friends took alot once..god he was so fucked...but not in a good way.
  6. thx :]
    i just popped them. they will be the last CCC's i ever take so might as well. not really that much DXM its just the 64 mg of other nasty shit that sucks. good thing i don't have shit to do tomorrow. lol
  7. wow I would have just chucked them shits in the trash unless your POSITIVE you wont react badly to them at all...

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