Cops that are cool.

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  1. I don't know jack about car laws, but since it's Massachusetts all that had to happen was (1) someone died, or (2) someone got annoyed by them. Because that's just how laws are made :)

    I'm joking, of course, but MA is so fucked up in that as soon as one person dies from something (like carbon monoxide), they pass a bunch of new laws (like the new one requiring every apartment to have carbon monoxide detectors) instead of doing the intelligent thing (like saying, "Well, CO detectors are like $10 at walmart and they plug into a wall... so anyone can get one if they actually want it, but for shits and grins lets just make EVERYONE do it, because I'm a ultra-liberal douche").

    / rant
    // lives in Beantown
  2. Maybe it's just illegal to have really loud ones. I can't see there being a law against all BOVs, 'cause a lot of cars come with them stock and you couldn't hear them if you tried.
  3. Its pretty common knowledge that there are cool cops, I mean not all cops are old bastards who want to bust you for some chronic. Granted they have a job that they have to do sometimes they are gonna have to do their job. There is a difference however between a cop and pig, pigs are drunk on power, they are greedy thats why they are pigs. Ive had more than my fair share of run-ins with the po-dock and its all about how you act towards them. Ive been frisked before with obvious amounts of trees in my pocket and been overlooked just because i treated the officer with respect. Heres a bowl for the few cool cops out there. :smoking:
  4. Another time that I just now recalled:

    I was smoking at the Hempfest, and some pig came out of nowhere and walked right in front of me while I was hitting it. He didn't do anything about it, so I was like "alright, cool". Then I saw that he passed me to bust someone else :(

    Yeah, that's another reason I don't like cops: The Boston Hempfest. Some places have cops that let the Hempfests slide, you know, just make sure there's no violence and stuff, but not in Boston. Those pigs had binoculars, paddywagons, the whole 9 yards. They'd intentionally send in short cops to walk through the crowd because you wouldn't be able to see them until they were right on you (otherwise you can see those hats from anywhere).

    This thread keeps making me remember more encounters with cops.

    Another time my dad asked a cop for directions, and the cop just told my dad to go away (not even "I don't know", it was just "get out of here" on a fucking public street). So he gave him the bird and drive off. The little piggie didn't want to leave his post to give chase so nothing came of it, but that makes like 7 instances of dicks, to one instance of a cop sort of not being a dick.

  5. Well, then you have to think about all the times you just saw a cop doing nothing, maybe standing in front of the barbershop shootin' the shit with the barber, or maybe just walking down the street without hassling someone. Those would have to be considered instances when cops aren't being dicks. And you can't say you haven't seen a cop when he wasn't hassling someone... I won't believe it. So the number of instances of a cop not being a dick grows ever larger... :cool:

  6. Um, ok. Here's what I've said already: most cops are not dicks.

    However, the cool-cops just don't bother people. It's the dick-cops that are the ones who are pulling people over for bullshit reasons, and so it's the dick-cops that everyone deals with, which is why for most people, more often than not the cop is a dick-cop. While the cool-cops are busy fighting real crimes and helping people, dick-cops are the ones we all have to deal with for going 10MPH over the speed limit.

    So my point is, in the general population of cops, most are cool. But the ones who are not are the ones most people have to deal with all the time, which makes it seem like most cops are dicks. And I backed up that statement with plenty of examples where cops were being dicks for no reason. I didn't say all cops were dicks, in fact, I've said repeatedly that most arn't.

    That 7:1 ratio has to do with cops I've actually had to deal (as in talk to) with. (Actually, if you want to be *technical*, it's 7:0 since that one cop didn't actually pull me over, so *all* the cops who've talked to me have been dicks, even though most cops aren't, but that's because I've never done something bad enough to warrant a cool cop to bother me)

    Get what I mean? I mean yeah I see cops go by all the time without bothering people. But when it comes to having to actually deal with them, it's disproportionally "dick-cops" because dick-cops are the only ones who pull dick moves.
  7. Sure, I get what you mean. But are you saying that the only instances in which you've dealt with cops, they've been dick-cops (plus the one sort-of-not-being-a-dick-cop)? Aren't there any instances that you've encountered a cop not being a dick? I'm just thinking about the 7:1 or 7:0 ratios. It seems as though, through your definition of 'dick-cops', only a dick cop would confront you with some minor violation (10mph over the speed limit). A cool cop wouldn't even pull you over to confront you, correct? Well, then there's no way for you to come in contact with a cool cop without him instantly becoming the dick-cop for confronting you. So there are all those cool cops out there that you haven't come in contact with becasue they are too cool to nab you for something minor. So you should either change what you're comparing in your ratios or adjust the number to reflect the actual cool cops that you don't run into. My argument really has less to do with dick-cops/cool-cops than it does with stating positions in a debate. I'm guilty of shifting the thread topic to suit my needs. Sorry... I just get into dissecting arguments so much that I tend to lose sight of the topic at hand. It's sort of an addiction I've had since taking a Reasoning class in college...

    Add to that the fact that I'm high as shit right now and you have the recipe for such wild ramblings. When I get like this, just bear with me... it'll pass. :D :cool:
  8. I feel ya Tweech, and I agree. I think we're sort of saying the same thing, just in a different way. My point was just that we all encounter dick cops because that's whos doing the dick moves, but that most cops are pretty cool. And I think that's what you're saying too, if I'm reading correct. My comments about the 7:1 were just me saying that when I do get pulled over or whatever, it's never a standard "Hey, you're speeding, here's a ticket", it's always more than that, but that's just because the small minority of jackass cops are the ones putting their face out there, so to speak.
  9. im gonna get an 64 or 63 impala impala and im gonna put hydraulics on itand get a turbo and a super loud bov and im gonna make it blow off to the beat and the bounce.
  10. dont destroy such a nice car with hydraulics......i hate that shit
  11. i agree, especially an impala.. im and oldschool chevy guy and that is just a disgrace to me
  12. same here bro, chevy all the way. I am not super old school with it(93 silverado) but i keep it nice

    and just so i can not be wayward from the topic, my moms a po po :smoke:
  13. Dude do you even know what a BOX is or what it's used for??? It vents the intake (either to the atmosphere or to a recieculation tube) so that boost pressure doesn't damage anything when the throttle plat is closed. If it were to vent to the beat of your music your car would be jerking back and forth either from opening and closing the throttle, or from relesing the intake charge when under load, forcing the engine rich. This would make the car either rev retardedly or stall at idle. If you are going to modify a car spend some time and research what you are doing. Rice, sadly, can happen to any car from any country. Be a part of the solution, man.

    Oh and I was ontopic earlier so I'm not adding anything here. :p

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