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  1. Hey blades,

    I have been a member here for a few months and I am hoping my rep will help back me up on this topic.

    My friends girlfriend is a cop. She is one of the coolest people I have met it just happens her job interfears with me and my friends hobbies. She has told me that she would never bust a stoner if that was his only crime, and I totally believe her.

    She has bought my friend that she is dating weed when he was out of money and she always lets him smoke up when he wants to. She told me she totally would hit some of my pieces if she didnt have to worry about a drug test.

    She has even bought me a bong which I will post pictures of when I get it/

    I just wanted to let you guys know that not all cops suck. There is Hope!!:smoking:
  2. yeah i know what you mean. i have a friend whos a cop. when hes not on duty him and i toke all day in my basement. he told me the only drug test he ever had to take was before he became sworn. he said it was one of the cheap dip the strip in your piss tests. he passed legitly and doesnt worry bout it no more.

    he told me that once he was riding around with someone else and they pulled the guy over, his partner confiscated the weed, and when it came time to put it in the "candy closte" as he calls it, he slipped in his pocket. he came to my house after he got off and we smoked it up. it was damn good! i feel bad for the kid who got it jacked from him. but since his partner is a hard ass he didnt have a choice. he then looked at me after we got done with our 3rd bowl and said "why let good pot go to waste?"

    my buddy insited they they only write him a civil citation (you can sometimes get away with hat here) and let him go.

    hes a state cop too
  3. Most cops actually aren't really that bad, you just don't notice because you only get hassled by the bad ones which makes it seem like they're all dicks.

    I thought cops only had one drug test--when they joined, and never again?

  4. Yeah dude Im glad Im not the only one that knows that all cops arent bad.

    She is just careful in case there is an accident or she has to use her gun then she gets a DT. If she had 30 days off she would smoke for sure.

  5. That's cool. Someone should tell her though that it only takes a few days for it to leave her system if she hardly ever smokes. Like 3-5 days. So she doesn't have to wait for a month off, any week off should work, as long as she just tokes once at the beginning of her time off and not again.
  6. My aunts a cop and she used to smoke before becoming a cop, she tells me that she wont bust a stoner for smoking or anything like that unless she has to, for instance if somthing else is involved or if the circumstance leaves no other option.
  7. One of my moms good friends used to be a sheriiff and she would chief all the time. Alot of cops do drugs because they can get them whenever they want.
  8. When I was growing up, my best friend's dad was the deputy sheriff. He was one of the most fair and just men that I've ever met. He'd given my brother so many breaks by not arresting him, opting instead to bring him home so my parents could deal with him. He was the kind of guy who was more a 'peace officer' than a 'police officer'. As a result, from an early age, my view has always been that cops in general are cool... there are just a few (comparatively) bad apples out there that have the overwhelming need to be assholes ALL THE TIME. And it's those 'needy' fuckers out there that tend to be the ones that bust us innocent stoners. :cool:
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  9. Hmmm.. cool cops? ... next thread.

    (heh heh, tell me someone didnt smile when they read that)
  10. I have absolutley nothing against law enforcement.

    Most of those guys are just doing a grind like the rest of us. He deserves as much respect as any other blue collar joe just doing his job.

    Maybe that's why i've never been arrested because of drug use.

    I also accept the fact that i partake in illicit activities and i won't hold any against a cop if i get arrested for possession or whatever. It's my fault, i put myself into a vulnerable situtation doing something i damn well know is illegal.

    I've meet some seriously cool cops. I mean, how many cops have a Sex Pistols tattoo?
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  11. You say that now, but wait until you've met a cop with an agenda to get you.

    One time I was in this 6HP Utility boat after dark on a late, and for some goddamned reason the Dept of Wildlife was still partroling the lake, and ended up doing the water equivilent of pulling me over. He really, really wanted to search my boat but I simply wouldn't let him. So he kept asking trick questions and saying things like "those two girls are stoned, arn't they?". When that failed, he kept asking me the same two questions over and over, about 30 times each, waiting for me to get pissed off so to give him probable cause to search the boat. ("Do you have any drugs? Do you have any alcohol?" x 30 time). Finally he gave up and gave me a warning. [edit: there was nothing we were doing or in the boat to indicate drugs or booze. I just must have fit his profile]

    A cool cop would have just given a warning, but this guy, for no reason, REALLY wanted to get me. It wasn't part of a normal routine stop to ask someone a question so many times that it pisses them off to the point where it lets the cop arrest a person because they're talking shit to a cop, but that's what this guy did.

    So I guess what I'm saying, is it's easy to say that you respect law enforcement, (even I say it), but when the time comes for you to face them often times you'll lose the respect quickly.

    And that's just one incident. Another time my friend got pulled over for doing 55mph in a speed trap where for like one block, a 55mph road changed to 35mph. The cops actually tried to spy on us through the back window to see if we were going to do anything like trying to hide drugs. I happened to notice the guy standing behind the car just watching through the back window and told everyone else not to do anything stupid, but if not, we probably would have been caught since the only thing covering the bottles of hooch where my shoes (driver wasn't drinking).

    So yeah, in theory every cop is just John Citizen. In practice, in my experience, they're dicks. And I can't really say I blame them, you've gotta have thick skin to deal with criminals all day. But they're still dicks, at least they always have been to me.

    Also, my cousin is a cop. He's also a giant dick, just by his nature, always has been. My friend's dad was a cop. He was an even bigger redneck hick, you know, the kind who would kill someone for being gay. In fact, the only half-way decent cop I've ever heard of was another friend's parents, and the only thing I know about him was that he and his cop buddies got really loaded, then broke their breathalizer, then cruised around drunk as fuck.

    My verdict: I know there are cool cops out there, but I've just never met them. So to the ones I have met, I hope someone jams $10 worth of quarters up their piggie asses.
  12. the only reason that cop is "cool" is because you know her outside of being a police officer. i know plenty of "cool" cops and whatnot, but that doesn't change the fact that they have to do their job and that they lose all sense of identity when they put on that uniform...
  13. I get what you're saying joint.

    I'm just a big believer in benefit of the doubt. There is so much animocity towards cops. The pre-conception that they are all asshole looking to make this the worst day of your life.

    I give them the benefit of the doubt because i would expect the same.
  14. I got pulled over by the RCMP (federal police for the non-canucks, they patrol teh highways where there are no provincial police, like Alberta) Doing 142 in a 100 and the car stunk of bud. I'm 19, drive a little sportscar with flashy rims, a slightly louder than stock exhaust and a loud-ass stereo. He sniffed the air, smiled at me, gave me a ticket for 10 over (only $78) and told me that I was going a little fast for jsut a warning. Some cops rule!:cool:
  15. wow now i have a bad story to make up for the good one...

    ok so i was with a contact from work. hes a big business man. hes the all-american "good guy" as i always call him. this guy drinks and tokes every now and then but by no means is a bad guy. he doesnt at all fit the "drug user" profile. well one day he was giving me a ride home since my car was being worked on, and we were 2 miles from my house when 2 cops pull out from behind us and put on their lights.

    well we pull into a gas station since it was the easiest spot to pull over, they get out of the fucking car with their fucking guns drawn! we had 2 cops with 2 guns pointed right at his BMW suv. it was soooo scarry. neither of us were stoned/drunk by any means. we had to put our hands on our heads and lay down while they rused up and cuffed us. I WAS SOOO EMBARRASED!

    they never told us why their were guns and shit but after dealing with this for about 30 mins they let us go an give him some bogus speeding ticket and seatbelt violation. it was absolutley fucking rediculious. i still think its funny that they NEVER told us why we got gunsdrawn.

    needless to say he fought the ticket in cour and one, and the 2 cops that did that are "in question" from the law enforcement agency of massachusetts. the judge told us what happened was outrageous and un called for. we had 3 witnesses that were in the gas station that testified for us.

    i forogt about this story when i typed the other one :smoke:
  16. yeah im buying a lancer evo VIII for myself this year. it will be slightly louder then stock, plus Blow off valves are illeagal in this state.

  17. You are very correct. I pretty much hate all cops except her. Im not saying they arent bad people but they are cops and I dont like that.:smoke:

    that is a sweet car:D
  18. Rasta: Oh I agree. I think that most cops probably are cool. The thing is, the cool one's don't pull people over in speed traps, or hassle anyone who fits the profile of a drug user (you know, "male between 18-34"). So I'm just saying that in my experience, the one's pro-active enough to pull people over for minor things like having a tail-light out are almost always dicks, and those are the same cops that people see most of the time because the "cool" ones let minor things slide.

    I do recall a time where a cop let me off the hook: It was nighttime, and I was doing about 70 in a 40, and it turned out the car right behind me the whole time was a cop. I guess he was in a hurry or something because he never pulled me over. But like I said before, because he was "cool", I never actually had to interface with him. So even though, percentagewise, I'm willing to bet most cops are pretty relaxed, when it comes to actually dealing with them you almost always end up with a dick because (assuming you're like me) you only ever violate minor traffic rules, which most cool cops ignore.

  19. BoV's are illegal in Mass? Wow... I guess my Turbo New Beetle doesn't quite cut the mustard for New England... Do you know the reasoning as to why it's illegal?

    -Antwan L.

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