Cops still have no life

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  1. i used to work with the police. they say it's life and death sorta situation because the chances of someone causing a violent incident by selling fake stuff to mofos is pretty high, hence the reason dudes robbing stores with a comb still get a stiff sentence. their understanding, not mine.
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  2. Yeah I'm not here to shoot the messenger. It's just pathetic the double standards we have in place. If any ordinary person pulls a gun they best have a damn good reason to do so or they go to prison and have their 2nd amendment rights stripped from them. Not so if you have a badge.
  3. That evidence bag made it to the evidence locker EMPTY.

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  4. Shelve it next time, he won't ask why your hand was up your ass, he will keep riding. Trust me.
  5. So essentially you’d eat your joint for 50$?
  6. I’d rather get questioned for a smell than a possession charge.
  7. wrong. when it comes to something as little as a joint, just admit that you have it and they will almost always let you off easier than if you denied it and they find it on you.
  8. That's never been my experience.

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