Cops on GC

Discussion in 'General' started by Baked4days, Nov 13, 2014.

  1. Hi i have had a few people messaging me about them selling weed and looking for new people to sell to. They usually say the same thing and im sorta sketchy on the whole thing. If anyone knows any cops on here please let me know who they are.
    Thank u

    Ps not saying that all these people are cops just trying to make sure i dont buy bud from the wrong person.

    Smoke weed everyday
  2. I have been very suspicious of the blades on here, and I have proof that not all of them are "people." As far as cops, I have no idea
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  3. Dont buy anything online. You will get raped and killed
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    \ - Forum Guidelines
    So, if you really want to use 0% of your brain and actually fall for someone
    pretending to be a dealer at any point during your stay here, please follow
    the guide here Account Deletions - How To Delete Your Account 
    and follow your blissful brain onto another forum where others think that
    people legitimately break rules and laws simultaneously trying to buy
    weed online.
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  5. Its amazing how many of these threads I've seen since '03. Wtf why would you meet someone for something illegal on the internet? Don't. Buy from your hood.
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  6. I'ma cop so fuckin what
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  7. you're all under arrest! put your fucking hands where i can see them and do not make any sudden movements.
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  10. I wish they would. :cool:
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    What do you mean they're not "people"?
    The best thing to do is report the PM. We won't last long if this becomes hook up city. :smoke:
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  13. I'm not a cop, I swear. I'm just looking to buy marijuana and other illegal things on the internet. Please message me with all of your personal information if you have illegal things to sell me.
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  14. At the end of the day, who cares... Hi Mr Cop, I'm sitting here, at home, smoking a joint, minding my own business. ?
  15. They're probably trying to scam your paypal or get a WU from you or something, not bust you.
  16. This is Reptilian Interwebz headquarters dude.

    Thought you knew this already.

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  17. Oo, like this ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1415914021.889557.jpg
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    Whoa when did we enter the Matrix?
  19. Even if they did what are they going to do?  Knock on my door and ask me to please hand over my bud /smoking accessories?
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    I did one time by meeting a guy from here and he was a legit dealer... but that didn't last long. So, now I am sticking to friends of friends or siblings of friends who sell. Never give your info. directly online!

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