Cops dont care about weed anymore around here

Discussion in 'General' started by Ciscokid930, Sep 3, 2008.

  1. I was sitting on the stoop with my friend this weekened and i was crackin a blunt while she was breakin up the weed... so we see a cop drive by and he looks strait at us and we were like fuuuuck...

    so my friend puts the weed in a $20 bill and just keeps it to the side and i just put the blunt behind me and the cop comes over, sees the $20 with the weed, empties out the weed and takes the 20... and leaves without saying anything

    i was fuckin happy but thats not the first time that happened around here, it happens all the time... i fuckin love it
  2. ha, thats kinda fucked up that the cop jacked your 20 n left the weed, kinda like giving him an involuntary bribe
  3. thats how cops are around here.
    they will either take your stash or make you dump it on the ground and step on it to ruin it and they go "how does it feel to know you wasted x amount of dollars"
  4. I'm loling right now. lol laughing out louding.
  5. I would have turned that fucker in!!!! he's as crooked as my freaking wang dude!!!!:mad:
  6. would u rather lose 20 or get a possession charge and end up paying more in legal fees + probably community service

    hooray for some dirty cops!
  7. i wonder what he would have done had it been a dollar bill??
  8. I would gladly take a possession charge over him being incarcerated for robbing the public. I'd get a slap on the wrist and he'd die in prison.
  9. Id gladly give him the $20 for that shit.
  10. Where is it that cops do this? Our cops are fucking ridiculous, they break the law all the time to charge people. Cops came in my house without knocking last weekend and we got charged with underage consumption. It's nice that we know the right people though, we're gonna get it taken care of no problem. But if we didn't we might be fucked for no good reason, who knows if the court would throw it out on their own on the basis the cops entered the house illegally.
  11. I would of asked the cop if he wanted to throw in on that L
  12. Shit, I din't think the cops here ever cared about weed. I walk around smokin' joints all the time, and the worst they do is tell me to put it out and smoke it at home. Fuck, I love BC....
  13. hmm.....lets ponder this?

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